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Ask Your Readers: Christmas Gifts for Roleplayers 0

Tweet Christmas is approaching quite fast and people all around the globe are getting ready to purchase gifts for their loved ones. Roleplayers are usually no exception here and quite a few of them plan to get RPG-related gifts for their friends and family. I am sure we all have some friend or relative who has some interest in RPGs but hasn’t started playing …

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Come blog at my table… A review of the Open Game Table Anthology volume 2! 0

Tweet As a relative newcomer to blogging (only since February) I can’t say I kept abreast of the blogosphere. Of course I read some blogs but it was not a conscious effort, but since I’ve begun my wonderful foray into this community I’ve discovered great blogs, exciting ideas and made some wonderful friends. I’ve tried to catch up and read some of the blogs out there but…

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Open Game Table Vol. 2 at your FLGS, Lulu, 0

Jonathan Jacobs, blogger and organizer extraordinaire, announced on The Core Mechanic today that you can buy the Open Game Table: The Anthology of Roleplaying Game Blogs, Vol. 2 on Lulu and RpgNow , as well as local gaming stores thanks to Studio 2 Publishing . I was a peer reviewer and can assure you that every article in Vol. 2 well worth a read.  I especially enjoy the parts on theory…

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Open Game Table now available at Sphärenmeisters Spiele 0

This will probably interest my German readers: The Open Game Table Vol. 1 is now available for 19.95€ at Sphärenmeisters Spiele , my favorite online game shop. According to fellow blogger Moritz Mehlem , Roland Bahr, the owner of Sphärenmeisters Spiele told him that he will offer the second volume, too, as soon as it’s available. If you are living in Germany you definitely should check out this online …

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OGT Sponsorships 0

Jonathan Jacobs and his team of editors is currently hard working on the second volume of the Open Game Table. When Vol. 1 came out each and every contributor was provided with a free copy of the book. Last year Jonathan sent out over 70 copies to contributors and reviewers and I think it took him quite some time to get even again. This time he’s not able to…

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