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Hot Orc Chick has heard about this Hot Elf Chick thing

…. and this is what she thinks. Hot Orc Chick says Hot Elf Chicks are tasty. Especially with barbeque sauce. Inspired by Big Ball of No Fun and the whole darned OSR crowd. You game therefore you rock, whatever the edition of your chosen role-playing game. I think we can all get behind this Hot Chick Revolution/Renaissance/Rebellion, am I

The It’s Always Sunday Somewhere Render Dump

In the words of someone psychotic: “I’m baaaaaaa-aaack!”. Here’s a handful of renders from the archives as a return home gift. At least one of these is NSFW. Depends on where you’re working though. As it’s an honourary Sunday, GO HOME. Tell ‘em greywulf said it was ok. Coming up: The Nowhere Man. My thoughts on the Red Box. You’…

Tobarra – Chapter 1

Many of the gamers that I’ve met are, like myself, frustrated authors. We often see our games as something that might appear in a novel, or at least in writing. Thus I’m starting up this campaign log for the D&D game that I just started with some friends. It’s 4e, set in a generic D&D world of my… Read More »