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What’s new with Aruneus 0

We’re a few days in to 2011 and getting closer to completion of the Aruneus project !  Here’s a brief overview of where the project stands and what’s coming soon. In late 2010, the Zombies and Orcs each went through several rounds of playtesting with great results.  The Zombies are in the process of being revised a final time.  The Orcs will see a few changes …

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Today only – The Orcs! A new Pathfinder RPG Player Character Race is $0.50 0

Looking for that next thing for your Pathfinder campaign?  Enjoying the Aruneus freebies but like to add a little oomph to your world? Today only, the Orcs of Aruneus are $0.50 ! That’s $1.50 off the cover price and this PDF provides everything you need to add Orcs as a new player character race in to your campaign. It contains: A History of the Orcs…

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Aruneus Play Test Challenge #2 Orcs, Orcs and more Orcs 0

The 2nd Aruneus play test Challenge is live.  Let’s beat on some Orcs!  Even if you didn’t take part in our first play test Challenge, you and your group are more than welcome to join us for this second Challenge, and any future Challenges! What’s in it for  you?  You’ll get a free copy of any PDFs you play test, you’ll …

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The Orcs of Aruneus – Revised! 0

The last of the already extent Aruneus PDFs due for a revision has been completed!  The Orcs of Aruneus arrived in all of their revised splendor at DriveThruRPG last evening.  This revised document features everything you will need to insert the Aruneus Orc Player Character into any Pathfinder campaign.  Whether you’re basing your campaign on the world of Aruneus or simply…

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