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Review – The Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting 0

Another couple weeks, another Paizo review. Yeah, I know I’ve had quite a few reviews for Paizo stuff lately but that’s because I am using a couple of their adventure paths as the basis of ongoing 4E campaigns, plus to be frank, I find a lot of their products really interesting to read and thus it’s easy to write reviews on them. Today’s review is the…

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Combat Tiers Review 0

Recently I ran into an issue with my weekly D&D game. My players where trying to attack a dragon while it was flying away. It became increasingly difficult to track how high up and how far away the dragon was as it flew away. Because this was such a pain in my game I started investigating solutions. Enter Combat Tiers by Tinkered Tactics . A set …

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Changes to Paizo’s Pathfinder product line 0

Paizo is making a number of changes to their  Pathfinder product lines to help distinguish between the various lines, although most of them appear to largely be simple changes to the names of various lines. Specifically: The Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting’s name is being shortened to the Pathfinder campaign setting. The Pathfinder Chronicles line will become the  Pathfinder Campaign Setting line which makes good sense considering…

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4E AP: Osirion Session #1 (Murder & Mayhem) 0

Rather than writing blow-by-blow descriptions of each session from my new Osirion 4E campaign, I’m going to just provide a brief summary of what happened along with a more detailed DM’s commentary since I find trying to recount every action & decision kind of tedious to write about. Our first session was two players short which was…

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