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Rifts World Book: Lemuria is coming in April !

   Last week Palladium Book announced, that the new Rifts World Book: Lemuria is already at the printers. The new book packs a lots content, including new Biomancy spells, mounts, weapons, and gear suitable for both land-dwellers and aquatic adventurers.    So what is included in this 233-page long book ? Well, quite a lot of things from… Read More »

Do you want to be a Megaversal Ambassador ?

  People regularly checking on Palladium Book‘s website may already recognized that they are looking for Megaversal Ambassador‘s, gamers to help them to popularize thier games. What is it about ?   They are looking for volunteers to do what they like : play roleplaying games. Apart from the really awesome Megaversal Ambassador title, it’s mean that applicants… Read More »

Robotech New Generation Sourcebook, close to release !

At the end of this November, Palladium Book releases it’s new Robotech New Generation Sourcebook, written by Irvin Jackson. This book opens up a great deal of possibilities for any gaming group, hand has the most extensive setting in Robotech’s history. The Release day is November 28 ! It’s definitely good news for Robotech players around the world,… Read More »

Rifts Game Master Support Kit released

Palladium Books released a new Rifts Game Master Support Kit, created by Carl Gleba and Julius Rosenstein thought DriveThruRPG for GM-s all around the world at November 4. It seems a good resource and reference to have around for any Rifts campaign. So what do we find in the Rifts Game Master Support Kit’s 50 pages for your… Read More »

Palladium’s New Website?

I know a quick hit like this doesn’t make up for me flaking out for these many weeks, but I’ve been hard at work on projects that you’ll enjoy, I promise. Anyway, user DBX over at the Megaversal Bulletin Boards (those are the forums of Palladium Books, if you were not aware) found what appears to be a test run …

Palladium Rules Round Table 3: Skill List Overload

Preparing for skill selection feels like this Goal #1 for today’s blog installment? Keep it to fewer than 100,000 words. It seems somehow wrong to ramble overly long about trimming the fat out of what many feel is a bloated system, so I’ll dive right in. Skill overload There are tons of skills in the Palladium system. Hundreds of them occupy scores of pages in core rulebooks, …

Palladium Rules Round Table 2: Skill Failure And Success

Time to learn. About skills. As we move forward in our discussion about various dice mechanics in various Palladium Books games, our spotlight falls on a fairly large hot-button item: skills. While most elements of Palladium’s system (and, in fact, the system of any publisher) have fans and detractors, skills have perhaps the widest variety of complaints. Today, I think we’ll talk principally about the actual mechanics of how…

Palladium Rules Round Table 1: The Importance Of Mechanics

Gather round, friends and neighbors, as I begin this first discussion by standing on this conveniently placed soapbox. I promise the speech portion of this discussion will be short, then we’ll get into the back-and-forth of honest Internet conversation. I just think that I should firmly establish a few positions, so everyone knows where I’m coming from as we begin this academic journey together. If, when I…

Palladium Game Mechanics: What Shall We Discuss?

Time to dissect.