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4E AP: Osirion Session #5 (First Contact) 0

The fifth session marked a bit of a change, format-wise because rather than pushing the hereto missing player’s character in to the background by having him wait at the camp, I created a simplified NPC version of him (following the guidelines in the DMG2) for the characters to take along. We did this for two reasons: The first was to preserve the possibility, for now, for…

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Review – GameMastery Face Cards: Enemies Deck 0

The GameMastery Face Cards Enemy deck is the latest in Paizo’s line of playing card-sized play aids. They are designed to be handed out by GMs to give their players a face to put to the names of major NPCs. Most of the faces come from Paizo’s previous adventure paths and thus are perfectly suited for GMs running one of the adventure paths. For example, King …

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4E AP: Osirion Session #4 (The Desecrated Shrine) 0

Here’s the AP report from the fourth session of our ongoing 4E D&D campaign. Session Summary A few nights after reclaiming the monastery the group had finally recuperated enough to move forward with the next phase of their mission. Almah’s major domo, in the mean time, I spent the days watching Kelmarane through his spyglass and sketching the village’s layout. With…

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