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Olympian Breed – a new Savage Worlds game set and adventure 1

  Based on their website, Pinnacle licensed the Savage Worlds rules for a new game set based on the Ancient World. The new set is titled Olympian Breed, and it’s

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Night’s Black Agents available for pre-order ! 0

Night’s Black Agents is a new roleplaying game about spies, in a world filled with vampires is available for pre-order from Pelgrane Press. The characters are agents, who comes to

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Preordered Pelgrane Press’s Ashen Stars 0

Okay, so I’m a sucker for just about anything Pelgrane puts out, especially when it comes to Gumshoe, but of all the games have proven to be worth the price so I decided to preorder Ashen Stars . I’m definitely planning on using this next school year with the the after-school club, but maybe I’ll even get my home group…

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Great service from Pelgrane Press 0

I love this kind of email: You purchased Arkham Detective Tales from Pelgrane Press Ltd. The original version included more typos than we were happy with, and did not include an adventure set in Arkham. There is an updated version available with a new adventure, The King’s Men, available for free download from your order page. Simon Rogers Pelgrane Press Ltd It’s stuff like …

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Mutant City Blues 0

Imagine watching your favorite episode of CSI Miami . Now imagine yourself watching that same episode featuring the X-Men and you’ll have the basis of Mutant City Blues from Pelgrane Press and legendary author Robin D Laws. You take the role of a super detective in Mutant City using your powers to solve crimes normal detectives can’t. Mutant City Blues stresses the detective work over the action using…

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