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Crazy, cool Dresden Files RPG book cover 0

This is rebind of the Dresden Files RPG is amazing. In case you’re wondering, yes, the runes actually do glow. Definitely check out the others in the gallery too, because there are some amazing rebinds of games like Fiasco and Burning Wheel as well.

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Sunday morning D&D with kids 0

My son Niklas and his friend trying to play the solo adventure out of the red box D&D game. They’re both playing elves (naturally).  The little guy in the foreground is Timmy – he’s only two and a half so he’s still in training. Sorry about the blurriness of the photos but photographing three little kids in action indoors…

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iPad Review (part 2) 0

After completing the first part of my review I realized I ought to at least provide a basic review of the day-to-day functions of the iPad before talking about RPG uses specifically. Thus, I’ve pushed that topic to part 3 and today I’ll talk specifically about the ordinary functions of the iPad along with my experiences with some of the peripherals. Let’s get…

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