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Photoshop and Dundjinni 0

If you know me at all, you know I’m the Rain Man of computers without all the gambling ability. I barely know how to fill out this blog much less do anything with Photoshop. So I was wondering if anyone out there know much about it and can help me out.

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Geekpaper No. 3 0

Here is another rpg-related wallpaper I’ve made while learning to draw shadows and highlights. The original purpose of this image was only to test how the highlights work in the eyes and skin but.. the outcome is not always what to expect. Since this one is also related to rpgs, I finished it as a

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Geekpaper No. 2 0

Few days ago I started posting wallpapers (related to rpg) that I’ve made for my personal use. Now it is time to share another one. I started this one with the intention of creating a mech of sort since I like mechs and such stuff. The outcome was however.. something different and other opinions also

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A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to characters 0

For longer-term campaigns, I love finding a drawing or photo for each of my characters – something to give me and the others at the table an idea of who my character is, or at least what he looks like. Thanks to Google images and Photoshop, you can do some really cool things with just a few minutes of effort. Case in…

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Geekpaper No. 1 0

Desktop wallpapers are constantly changed, it is a known fact. Spicing our desktop may inspire us or maybe we just want to have our desktops fresh. I don’t know about you, but when I’m choosing desktop wallpaper, it can take a good while. So I finally managed to buy a tablet to support my designing/drawing

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Basic Fantasy Map Tutorial 0

Every roleplayer sooner or later finds him/herself in a situation that he wants to create his own fantasy map. Some of us are talented with the pencil while others are not. Endless Bag Of Games shows you a simple way to create fantasy maps with Photoshop and brushes. This tutorial is for the ones who

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