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Transparency in game creation – building the World of Aruneus 0

I’ve been giving quite a bit of thought lately to just how transparent the  whole creation process should be.  I’m building an entire world here . One that I hope to sell to interested consumers in the near future. How much should I let slip out before it becomes available to the public in general? I think the answer I’ve come to is – …

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Open Call for Aruneus Play Testers Part 2 – Like Pathfinder and Zombies? Get free stuff and play in the apocalypse. 0

Are you familiar with Pathfinder? Do you have a reliable group of 3-6 players? How would you like all of the free Aruneus PDFs I can get you? I’m looking for several active groups who would meet at least once a month to run Pathfinder sessions featuring the World of Aruneus material. This would give you a chance to explore…

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