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Scotch on Ice 0

While the group was in the kitchen, me and Roark arrived at the front door. I hitched up my skirts to climb the stairs. “You’re wearing your gorram boots!” Roark’s lips barely moved. “Well yeah. In case we gotta run. I’m ready. Got some ChemPlast too. Can’t be too careful when you’re rubbing elbows with

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First Annual Diva Scavenger Hunt 0

My stint as GM ended early. I really thought I had at least one more session but you know how it is — sometimes the players choose the right path every time. I was stunned to have them finish the Gala quest line so soon. That meant that Angel needed a chance to read over

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Ask The GMs: An Inconsistency of Play 0

How do you fix it when inconsistent roleplay or interpersonal conflicts are killing the campaign? The more restrictions on gameplay you have, and the more expectations on play style you have, the more you need to talk about this with everyone in the group and reach consensus. Assumptions kill groups faster than monsters. Campaign Mastery was asked, Hi GMs! I’ve…

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At the Baron’s Gala 0

That Frida, she had some good grub at the Noble Grape, but boy was she a mean one! Can’t say that she hires for niceness neither. There was this one old gal who kept yelling in my ear. I ain’t that deaf! But Frida, not much gets past her ear — even when she ain’t in

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“Maggie, That Button Calls to Me Something Powerful!” 0

I stood there, with my hands gripping the lip of the oak wine barrel. My eyes fixed on the cleverly hidden button. “Maggie, that button calls to me something powerful! I want to push it. I want to, Maggie.” “You know what Brigid says about the cargo, Swei. You no touchey the cargo!”  I stayed silent. Maggie

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Wherein I Tackle a Reaver 0

No sooner had the Doc asked the good question of why someone would lock up a specimen slide like it was the Hope diamond from Earth that Was, when Mags’ voice came over the comm. “You’ve got company! Looks like our shuttle and that means — the Reavers!” I felt my face go numb for a

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