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Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Review (PS3) 0

Here is another review about a game I’ve really enjoyed recently. Hours well spent compelled me also write few words about the game. Clash of Heroes tells the story of five heroes from five different areas of the same world, all coming together to fight the same overreaching demonic malevolent force. In short: the game

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Tales From Space: About a Blob Review 0

I like simple games. I like them because I don’t always have time to play about an hour or two, but enough still to play a little. These short moments require a special genre of games. Those kind of games you can just grab and play a while. Tales from Space: About a Blob is

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DeathSpank Review 0

Deathspank has been available few days now on Xbox Live and PSN and thus Endless Bag of Games has many hours already spent on the game. This satirical action RPG from the creator of Monkey Island and gives you quite a unique gaming experience with few laughs. Here is why: Hero is always willing to do

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