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Blacktop Battlemap

New from ZUZZY Miniatures is the Broken Blacktop Terra-Flex Battlemat . This, the latest in the company’s line of Terra-flex latex gaming terrain, mimics a paved asphalt surface and is available in seven sizes.


Coerceo is an abstract from a new Netherlands-based company. The object is pretty standard: each piece plays on its own color, and you have to surround your opponent’s pieces. Only, whenever one of the hexes has no pieces on it, the hex is removed from the board. The game is not available yet. When it is available, it will be available in Europe only (not Italy) …

Your Next Board Game May Be Made From Elephant Poop

Not much more to add to the title, really.

Tundra the Board Game, from Claymore the RPG Company

Tundra is a roll-and-move board game from Claymore Entertainment , up until now an RPG company. The game is themed on the Alaska-based Tundra comic panels from Chad Carpenter. Each card contains one of his comics. The game costs $30.

Sun: UK Prisoners Paid to Play Scrabble

The Scottish Sun reports that some prisoners are “paid to play” Scrabble, which hash infuriated the public. The public has been infuriated several times in recent history over reports of game consoles, televisions, and other such amenities in UK jails, whether paid for by taxes or by the prisoners and their families. In this case, the Scrabble games are allegedly part of an education program, for which prisoners…

Tomorrow is National Gaming Day at Your Library

Over 1,800 libraries participating. See here for details . Better go now, while libraries are still legal.

jumpSHOT Table Basketball on Kickstarter

jumpSHOT Table Basketball takes the idea of a traditional tabletop basketball game and adds in paintable figurines that act as a catapult for the basketball. Basically everything revolves around the gimick of the paintable jump-shooting action figurines, which are apparently patented. Vlad Mitvalsky, the inventor of the game, even hopes to get officially licensed NBA figures at some point. The game is up …

Purple Parlay—That Time of Year

You know what I’m talking about. Companies are starting to pump the holiday season into your brain already, trying to get you buying already whether you like it or not. The question is, “Have you started shopping yet?” No matter what holiday you celebrate this season, there’s usually some kind of gift giving. Why not buy that special someone a new game? My wife and…

Rejection Therapy, the Game

Rejection Therapy by Jason Comely is a game with one rule: you must get rejected, in real life, at least once a day, every day. The point: you will find yourself rejected less frequently than you believed, you will be fulfilling your potential (for asking for things, at least), and you will be less fearful of rejection. The cards (it’s actually more…

Unusual Tarot Decks

In addition to the previously covered Superhero Tarot … here are a few more examples of unusual in the way of tarot decks. Alice in Wonderland Tarot : PicTarot ( info ): Quantum Physics Tarot , a work in progress. I don’t know if the above is related to this: Quantum Tarot: A Tarot of New Physics . But it’s not related to Physics Tarot : And …

Dust Tactics

Dust Tactics, which like City of Thieves moved from AEG to FFG , is now at retailers too. Dust Tactics is set in an alternate-reality 1940s, resulting in a game combining World War II and battle-mechs. Actually less a board game than a boxed miniatures game, expect to see a series of expansions close on the heel of the

November Conventions and Happenings

A few events in November. I’d do this more often if I had a few more editors (hint, hint). Oct 31 – Nov 1 Lucca Comics and Games Lucca, Italy, 4 – 7 KC Game Fair , Kansas City, MO 4 – 7 ShaunCon , Kansas City, MO 4 – 7 NeonCon , Las Vegas, NV 4 – 7 IndieCon , Dorset, UK 5 – 7 PentaCon , Fort Wayne, IN 5 – 7 Anime Nebraska , Omaha, NE 5 – 7 Carnage , Fairlee, VT 5 – 7 Mechanicon , West…

The Table of Catan: Officially Licensed Game Table

The Catan Table is designed to hold your Settlers of Catan game in place (it doesn’t contain an inlaid game, such as a Chess table might). The table comes in oak or birch. Distribution is initially limited to the US. I’m supposed to get the price list tomorrow.

Cadwallon: City of Thieves

Cadwallon: City of Thieves , originally previewed by Fantasy Flight Games at Gen Con, is now available at retailers. Each player in the game controls a gang in the Guild of Thieves and competes to liberate the greatest treasure from the residents of the fantasy city of Cadwallon. The game includes a variety of scenarios and comes with 20 unpainted character miniatures. Prepainted miniatures are available direct from FFG.

Ex illis Emissarius

A very impressive new figure for the Ex illis online/miniature game:

Paper Money #38: Eternal Warriors’ Dan Duran

Rett is back and rested after missing a show and he and Ben celebrate with over 50 minutes of crazy game industry banter. This show: An interview with Dan Duran on his “new” podcast, TRU News, all about game boards and more reader questions about retail. Riveting, top dollar audio amazement delivered right to your ears via the magic of the Internets. Both of them. Ears…

Upper Deck Launches Hello Kitty Game

Gameplay for Hello Kitty World Adventures involves filling a passport with stickers representing the United States, Italy, Canada, China, Egypt, Germany, Holland, India, Scotland and Russia. Each Hello Kitty World Adventures Collectipak includes one foil card, one token card, four sticker cards, one passport, and one rules sheet ($1.99). For a dollar more, expanded Collectipaks include a Hello Kitty miniature.

Game Bandit—Difficult to Pronounce Edition

Zobmondo is giving away an iPad and copies of their game, Would You Rather…? . Follow on Facebook or tweet on Twitter, but only posting a video on YouTube will get you a chance at the iPad. For advice on the company’s fantasy steampunk setting, Loaerth & Feywyrd, Nevermet Press is giving away a $30 Amazon gift card and PDFs …

Hasbro Bringing Universal Studios to its Knees

Hasbro’s rapid succession of movie deals flooded the press at various points over the last two years. Apparently, Hasbro wielded a whole lot of clout, not only in getting the deals, but in how they were structured. Universal Studios, struggling to live up to its commitments to make these movies, is not having an easy time of it. From an exhaustive and fascinating …

Say Goodbye to Heroscape

Hasbro’ Wizards of the Coast division has pulled the plug on Heroscape . They will instead “focus our business efforts on our core brands” aka Magic and D&D. The last expansion for Heroscape, Moltenclaw’s Invasion , is scheduled for release later this month. ( source , via )