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New World Colony—An iPad Boardgame

Erik Asmussen wrote us to tell us about a new iPad boardgame he’s created called New World Colony. He describes it as a combination of Risk , Settlers of Catan , and Civilization . The game certainly looks like Settlers at a quick glance, but it seems the game goes a bit deeper into colonization and fortification. There looks like they’ll be some combat and…

Jennyruth Quoits, Made by Adults With Learning Disabilities

All products made at Jennyruth Workshops in Ripon, North Yorkshire, are made by adults with learning disabilities. They make Quoits (above) and various toys and household items.

Purple Parlay—THE HORROR!

First let’s take care of some booking keeping. There will be no poll this week, just discussion. Sorry, poll junkies! For a lot of us, it’s that special time of year where we can dust off our collection of spooky games and get them to the table a bit more often than usual. What are some of those dusty games of yours that will finally…

WizKids Relaunches Mage Knights

The Mage Knight property, the original Clix game with pre-painted minis, is being relaunched by the new WizKids (aka NECA). First up is a planned board game, designed by Vlaada Chvátil, designer of Dungeon Lords , Through the Ages , and Galaxy Trucker . Additional items in the works are a deck-building card game and an RPG. ( source )

Playset Addict, Pretty Mini Pics

Many pretty pictures here .

Project Sanctuary, Magical Energy Through Games

Project Sanctuary is a process whereby we take the natural powers of human imagination to create worlds or habitats. We then step inside those worlds and have adventures and experiences there which teach us many things. While we have these adventures which we call games, we learn by immersion about how to communicate with our energy mind. We learn the language of metaphor, we become smarter, and we evolve. Role…

2012 The Board Game: Only 2 Years Left to Play It

The world will end on Dec 21, 2012 , of course, so you only have just over two years left to play 2012: the board game . It’s roll and move, and I can’t tell from the copy if there are any decisions to be made. But that’s eschatology for you.

Spiritual Pursuit

Baha’i of Warwick presents Spiritual Pursuit . 30 GBP with shipping in the UK, more for overseas. Inspired by Trivial Pursuit, of course. There are harder and easier questions for differently aged or experienced players, and you need a certain number of points in each category before you’ve obtained the category.

The Dreidel Board

In time for Hannukah, if your floor is covered with carpeting: the Dreidel Board . Comes with a dreidel. $30, when they have it in stock.

Samurai for the iPad

That’s right! For $4.99 you can own Reiner Knizia’s Samurai for the iPad. Samurai is probably in my 10 top ten games, and I was thrilled to see this. You can play versus the AI, pass the iPad around with your friends, or play over the internet. The graphics aren’t the greatest, and some of the animations between turns/moves are annoying, but overall this is …

Forest Challenge Charity Board Game for Pakistan

Alan Brown created Forest Challenge , an orienteering game, and he is donating half of the purchase price of each game to Pakistan flood relief. It’s a roll and move game with choices on the direction (and obstacles across which) you travel. Further information at the link.

BattleLore Update

Ever since Fantasy Flight Games acquired the BattleLore line from Days of Wonder, we’ve been a little uncertain about the game’s future. The first few expansions— Heroes , Dragons , and Creatures —seemed to take the game in an RPG-like or adventure-game direction (admittedly, those were inherited from DoW). More recent expansions appear to be returning the game …

Paper Money #37: DIY Manufacturing (and more)

Ben flies solo this week as Rett and the Internet conspire against him. Still, a good overview of some news as well as a brief primer on DIY vs. Turnkey manufacturing, digital vs. offset printing and US vs overseas manufacturing – as well as some loopy listener mail. Tune in. Turn on. Game out. Show Links: Purple Pawn – www.purplepawn.com Gamethonic – www.gamethonic….

A New Simultaneous Chess Games Record: 523

Last we reported, the record for simultaneous chess games was 360 by a Bulgarian . Since then the record was taken by an Iranian with 500. The new record is 523 by an Israeli . For the record, you have to win 80% of the games.

Game Bandit—Kudos to GMT Edition

The sales… Amazon is offering a free Sorry Revenge game with the purchase of $25 in select Hasbro games , or a $10 discount with the purchase of $25 in Mattel preschool games . Use the promo code “EXCLUSIVE20″ to get 20% off at Hasbro’s online toy shop . Thought Hammer’s Spooky Specials for Halloween include sale prices on horror…

Guardians of Graxia PC Giveaway

We’ve given a fair amount of coverage to the Graxia games, and now Petroglyph has announced that Guardians of Graxia has come to the PC. It’s for Windows machines only, and costs $8.99. Gamasutra has the full press release , which Mathew Anderson sent over to me last night. What’s even better is that he sent me 3 codes to give away that’ll let you get…

South Carolina One Step Closer to Legalizing Card Games

In South Carolina, it is still illegal to play any game with cards or other gambling devices, whether in private or public, for money or for fun. Unless you’re the state, or a church, or one of a few other exceptions. Various ridiculous, high media profiled arrests have highlighted this problem over the last few years, and a few cases…

Battle Bands: Silly Bandz Meets Boys

Battle Bands from Scenario is an extensible combat game intended to capitalize on the Silly Bandz phenomenon: rubber bracelets that return to some shape off of your wrist. The bands are more masculine (such as sharks and dragons) and each comes with a card (like a CCG card). The basic game comes with a battle mat. Throw the band onto the mat…

Essen Spiel Underway

Spiel in Essen , the world’s largest games fair, is underway. Attendance is typically around 150,000. This year’s fair is in conjunction with Comic Action . You can follow a live stream of publishers and other curious folk explaining games at BGG’s live streaming feed . BoardGameNews has a large coverage page .

Purple Parlay—Which Edition of D&D?

Dungeons and Dragons was first released in 1974. Since then we’ve seen 5 separate editions of the game. Which of those is your favorite? Personally, I started with, and still love, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition. I was really excited for 3rd Edition, but that excitement was killed after reading the core rules. I haven’t played 4th Edition yet, but it sounds like it moved farther…