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RPGs for Pakistan Flood Relief

OneBookshelf and participating publishers are again raising money for Doctors Without Borders , this time for Pakistan flood relief. Those donating just $25 will receive an incentive package including 70 RPG products with a total retail value of over $700 . A few highlights of the products include: Accent Your Character (dialect training) Don’t Rest Your Head Dragon Warriors Exalted Fear Itself HarnMaster ICONS Spycraft Starblazer Adventures The…

Hot Games and Fast Cars Roundup

Surely you didn’t think MEGA Bloks would let LEGO hog all the glory? Mega Bloks Race Car Builder lets you roll the die and move around the board trying to collect the eight pieces you need for your car. Gerry Crown, managing director of Crown and Andrews , just won the 2010 Peking to Paris . This was his second try; last time he came in second. ( source ) Presenting the…

Scrabb.ly, a MMO Scrabble Game

Scrabb.ly is a MMO Scrabble Game … oops, I mean crossword game whose instructions include (I kid you not) “Don’t Tell Hasbro” [1]. Search around the massive board looking for a place to put your word. You have two chances to swap tiles before your game ends. [1] I don’t think anyone from Hasbro reads this site, so *whew*!

Minimalist Game Board Cover Art

A different direction from Mike Doyle ‘s fantastic pieces. See source for several more examples. ( source , via )

Extreme Makeover: Gnome Games Edition

Gnome Games took advantage of an opportunity to take part in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (see their credits under furniture & accessories), and also got their friends at Mayfair Games, Sandstorm Games, Out of the Box Publishing, Alliance/Days of Wonder, Winning Moves Games, Fantasy Flight Games, ACD, and Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast on board. Together, they tucked 180 games…

TactDecks Goes PnP

TactDecks is a game combining the feel of a CCG with a miniatures game. Everything you need to play is in the cards. Up until now, the base set of the game was $22. Now you can print the base set of the game for free to make sure it’s your cup of tea. You can snag the PDF file off the games’ BoardGameGeek page , …

Rokugan, By The People

In planning for their next Legend of the Five Rings book, AEG is turning to the game’s fans for ideas. Through the end of October, the company will accept proposals for an era or setting to be incorporated as a chapter in The Imperial Histories . One concept will be chosen and used as the basis for fiction, a timeline, prominent heroes, and mechanics.


Wobble by Ad Bruynzeel from Identity Games is a simple game of balancing. Roll the die and get as many action points as you rolled – a mechanic that seems like a rather bad idea, to me. Place or remove that many disks on the board so as to roll the ball into one of the four holes. Repeat for all four holes. ( source ) Wobble

Help Playtest Blackwater Gulch

Blackwater Gulch is a miniatures ruleset currently in development by Bleeding Ear Games. Right now they’re looking for people to help playtest the rules , and smooth things out. The game is set in the Wild West of the late 1800′s. Each player has a team of 5 – 10 minis, and plays through story-driven scenarios. There’s not too much more …

FFG Wants to Charge FLGSs $1000 to Advertise in Their Stores

Talking Game nails it when he questions FFG’s new video promotional system. In exchange for putting a video advertisement box (an IPad in a box) in your game store, FFG wants a non-refundable $1000, no promises on when the box will be delivered or how long they will support it, complete remote control over everything the box sees, hears, …

Financial Literacy Games from NZ’s Young Enterprise Trust

The New Zealand Reserve Bank is commissioning a financial literacy board game [1] from the Young Enterprise Trust. It will be called The Finance Companies Board Game . ( source ) Back in 2008 they commissioned another financial literary game aimed at economics and business studies students called Skint to Mint . New Zealand schools can get free copies of the game…


Loopz from Mattel is a next generation game in the family of Bop-It or Simon. Loopz has several different types of games, including music and motion. Select games and perform your actions by sticking your hands through the lighted motion-detecting semi-circles at increasing speeds.

Online Dating Infographs a Timeline With a Few Games

OnlineDating.org attempts – very poorly – to create an infograph timeline on the history of board games. Instead, we get a very few important dates on board games and a list of five popular games, skipping over nearly everything else. Via: OnlineDating.org

The New LEGO Board Games

It’s been a while since we first talked about the new LEGO board games ( here and here (almost two years ago)). Since their US release they have made a BIG splash, landing at the top of several holiday suggestion lists and top sellers at various game stores. So what are they? 18 games: 12 small, 5 medium, 1 big box. The lead…

Computer Beats Professional Shogi Player

Shogi is a number of orders of magnitude more difficult for computers to evaluate than Western Chess, but a computer named “Akara 2010″ recently bested the top rated professional woman player Ichiyo Shimizu. In 2005, the Japan Shogi Association forbade any of its players to play against a computer in order to delay progress toward just such a goal (and preserve the dignity of the game (i….

Purple Parlay—Do You Play With House Rules?

Another fairly straight forward Parlay this week. Do you play any games with house rules? As a general rule I don’t, but there’s been a few occasions out there where house rules have made the difference between a horrible game and a great one. One example that comes to mind is Plunder . The game was pretty much unplayable …

Haunted Lives Digital Magazine

Looks like there’s a new digital magazine on the block. Haunted Lives has reviews, session reports, and previews of board games, role-playing games, video games, etc… The magazine also contains news and interviews. Don’t plan on reading it if you don’t know Spanish, because the magazine is Spanish only. The magazine also tries to cater to Spanish games. Pretty awesome in my opinion.

Conductive Ink: A New Paradigm for Interactive Board Games

Israel’s Kipee makes electrically conductive ink and other technology to transmit information between a physical board game and a TV screen. This eliminates the intermediary step of traditional DVD games that require you to skip around using the DVD remote control when instructed to do so by the game. Iceland’s SagaMedia , who recently produced a successful word game …

Tic Attack Toe

Wringing a new game experience out of the familiar yet tired Tic Tac Toe, Tic Attack Toe by Nathan Jones, published by PB&J Toy Company , is a card game where the first to get three-in-a-row five times wins. Each card has a number, and higher numbered cards can be played over lower numbered cards. This is the first game published by the company…

Toppletree, Strategy Meets Dexterity

Toppletree by Matthew Lazenby, published by IQ Ideas , is a dexterity game where you add pieces to a tree trying to get four in a row while also trying to not make the tree fall over. The company is pushing to get its customers to “vote” the game as the game that will topple Monopoly.