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Phineas and Ferb Top Trumps

The smartest kids on the block make an appearance in the Top Trumps card game. Phineas and Ferb Top Trumps is exclusive to Disney Stores. But it gives me an excuse, at least, to list some great Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated devices: Ball Gown-inator Deflate-inator Freezeanator Turn-Everything-Evil-inator Mountain-out-of-a-molehill-inator Mime-inator Be-gone-inator (A, B, and C versions) Paper…

Game Bandit—RPG Edition

To celebrate the 36th birthday of Dungeons & Dragons , the d20 Source blog is giving away 3rd Edition PDF supplements . The Most Unread Blog on the Internet. Ever. (that’s its name, not my assessment) is giving away one electronic copy of The Inquisitor’s Handbook for FFG’s Dark Heresy . QuikLink Interactive’s Traveller license is about to expire, so it’…

Heroes of Feonora

Josh Graye sent us a heads up of a new RPG board game that he and his wife have designed. The game is Heroes of Fenora , and it’s a massive print-and-play game. The game can handle up to 6 players, and cen even be played solo. It’s co-op, but only one player can earn the “Hero Award.” The…

Bits and Mortar

At various times before, we’ve covered publishers’ efforts to support local game stores . Now, several have banded together to offer free PDFs with in-store purchases of print RPGs. They’re calling the program Bits and Mortar , and participating retailers will even be able to deliver the e-books at the point of sale. Better, I think, than the individual efforts that …

SCVNGR Game Dynamics Playdeck

SCVNGR is a location-based mobile service that bills itself as “a game about doing challenges at places.” As the company builds new games for new locations, it encourages its employees to use a deck of cards with game mechanics for inspiration. The 47 cards in the Game Dynamics Playdeck include such concepts as “extinction,” “rolling physical goods,” and “variable …

Miscellaneous Game News Roundup

According to some sources, miners trapped in Chile are not allowed competitive board games, for fear of raising tensions in their cramped conditions. ( source ) According to other sources, the government is planning to send them Dominoes and card games, which of course never raise tensions. ( source ) A Hong Kong furniture salesman has won the World Series of Mahjong . …

TactDecks, Card-based Skirmish War Game

TactDecks , self-published by Eric Etkin, is a skirmish based war game, using cards in place of miniatures. The cards come in collectible packs of known cards, so it is also a LCG. One pack is enough for a mini-version of a two-player game, but each player should preferably own their own pack. $22, plus $5 per booster.

Watchmen HeroClix

What could be more fitting for Watchmen than a tactical combat game? The DC HeroClix Watchmen Deluxe Collector’s Set includes 25 figures and “display quality packaging.”

Axis & Allies Europe 1940

The newest game in the long line of Axis & Allies products is Axis & Allies Europe 1940 . The game includes new rules for neutral nations, naval and air bases, and convoy disruption. It can also be combined with Axis & Allies Pacific 1940 for a game of global conflict involving over 1,000 combat pieces and a board more than 5 feet long.

Q-Workshop Makes Amazing Dice and Promotional Videos

[via BoardGameNews ]

Purple Parlay—Days of the Week

Tuesday Parlay? I know. I’m still getting used to it too. Last week’s poll showed that most of you would like to continue to see polls with Purple Parlay, so today we have a new topic and poll. Very simple this week. What day of the week do you game the most? I don’t get a ton of gaming in with …

Heroscape: Warriors of Eberron

The second wave of Dungeons & Dragons Heroscape is out with four different non-random boosters: Golem and Wyrmlings , Veterans of the Last War , Ogre and Goblins , and Heroes of Khorvaire . Each package includes five figures and a treasure token.

Ultramarines Movie Trailer

Inching closer to release of the Ultramarines Warhammer 40,000 movie . [link, not embedded]

Spin: Classic Board Games with a Twist Art Exhibition in SF

San Fransisco’s Rare Device will showcase an exhibition of art based on classic board games in a show called Spin . Works are by Jennifer Judd-McGee and Mati McDonough and will run most of September. Jennifer and Mati have incorporated elements like winding pathways, typography, colors, characters and textures of old games, and have re-spun them in a thoroughly modern fashion. The…

Bleacher League Baseball, A Game to Play While Watching the Game

Bleacher League Baseball takes a new approach to the baseball games in that it is intended to be played in the stands while you’re watching a baseball game. Essentially, you predict what the players will do when they come up to bat, and score based on your predictions, rather than their actual success. So while your team might be losing, you…

Between the Lions Games

Gryphon House Books has published a number of games in book and card format based on the PBS show Between the Lions . This includes a deck of cards with letters , with which to play Concentration and Go Fish, and the book What Does a Lion Say? , which includes various early identification and recognition games.

(i)Pawn Uses Playing Pieces on iPhone

It looks like just a concept right now, but if it becomes a reality, that would be awesome for board games on the iPhone. (i)Pawn seems to use different voltage cell-sized batteies to distinguish different playing pieces on the iPhone (I’m guessing iPad too.) Volumique is working on the app, and has some videos of it in motion …

Ralph Lauren Games

Ralph Lauren makes a few luxury games, including the Hammond Chess set: Nickel and leather, with a modernist design. $1995. They also make a Checkers set ($295) and a Backgammon set ($695), both under the name Rowan. ( source , via , via , via )

Board Game Exchange, Netflix for Board Games

Board Game Exchange is a board game borrowing system. It’s not cheap, but you get to try the games out, all shipping costs are free, and you can pay to keep a game at a discounted rate if you like it. And some of the games are the rare, expensive variety. One thing odd is that the banner claims the…

Deadly 60, The CCG

BBC publishes games for a vast number of its programs. Board games based on game shows are easy enough; they run into problems designing games for other types of shows. At that point, the only game they seem to know how to create is a variant on Top Trumps, which is a variant on the card game War. Add to that a collectible card mechanic …