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Ex illis and The Archangels

Ex illis from Bastion Studios offers fantasy miniatures war gaming with an online component. The software (which works on a PC, Mac, or iPhone/iPod) tracks each unit’s attributes, lets players know what tactical options are available on their turns, and executes the calculations necessary to resolve combat. It seems that Bastion’s approach was to develop a highly detailed and complex rules system, but couple…

Aburkadabur’s Figure Force Super-Hero Action Figure Game

Aburkadabur presents Figure Force , a super-hero action figure game. Aburkadabur provides the rules, dice, and the action figures. Aburkadabur’s action figures have 19 points of articulation. Aburkadabur’s site indicates release dates of 2010, but everything by Aburkadabur is still in pre-production, and the first actual event that Aburkadabur has listed on their site is 2011′s NY Toy Fair. Really, I only posted this because I love…


Most satirical board games don’t make it past the blog post stage, but Obamanopoly is available for pre-order for $15 ($995 if ordered by a government employee). The game is by Weekend Products , makers of a floating beverage cart. It’s Monopoly, of course, with various jabs and pokes at liberals and other such communists on the way.

Verbal Volley, Fast-Paced Antonym/Synonym Party Game

Verbal Volley by sggc Mindfullgames and designed by Kristin Edmonds, is a straightforward language party game. Flip cards, and the first to shout a synonym (round 1) or antonym (round 3) gets the card. Repeat. In rounds 2 and 4, players call synonyms or antonyms for a single card until one person can’t. That player gets some negative points. Player with most cards…

Fields of Battle

Castles & Crusades is fantasy roleplaying in the classic style (attributes and classes). The publisher, Troll Lord Games likes to call it a tinkerer’s paradise. New for the game is Fields of Battle , a boxed set of mass combat miniatures rules. It’s based on the same Seige Engine system as the core rules and works with any miniatures

Fields of Battle

Castles & Crusades is fantasy roleplaying in the classic style (attributes and classes). The publisher, Troll Lord Games likes to call it a tinkerer’s paradise. New for the game is Fields of Battle , a boxed set of mass combat miniatures rules. It’s based on the same Seige Engine system as the core rules and works with any miniatures (or the paper tokens

Dungeon Crawler CCG

Dungeon Crawler is a CCG from sggc Gifted Vision. The game is played either solitaire, cooperatively, competitively, or multi-player (not sure what the latter is). Each player needs his or her own starter. According to the web site, you can order the game but it is currently stuck in customs in the US and Canada.

Awards and English Game Magazines from Austria

Dagmar de Cassan at Spielen writes to tell me about some news items from Austria: Atlantis by Leo Colovini and published by Amigo won the Austrian Spiel Der Spiele. See the rest of the winners here . WIN The Games Journal has been running in German for 34 years. Starting with the August, 2010 issue, it’s also now available in English. The English issue, and several past German ones, are available…

BGG Adds Podcast Directory

BoardGameGeek has, for the first time, acknowledged that other board game sites exist, by adding a beta podcast directory . Each podcast includes a description, link to the feed, and the ability to listen to each episode directly on BGG. Each episode also has its own BGG entry. In other news, BGG has dropped the Geekdo approach (BoardGameGeek is now the official name of …

The Social Studies Teacher Who Designs Games

The Herald-Mail has a great writeup today about game designer John Poniske , a Social Studies teacher in Pennsylvania. You may recognize his name as we’ve covered some news about his game, King Philip’s War, before . Poniske feels historical wargames are a fantastic starting point for future research on a topic. “Finding out the minutiae of an event is a joy.” The article goes on to …

Board and Card Game News Roundup

I was away from blogging for a week (my father passed away), so I have a backlog of news posts to churn out. Here you go: Chess Bobby Fischer’s body was exhumed from his grave to prove that a 9 year old Philippines girl was not, in fact, his daughter. ( source ) Felony charges against Gregory Alexander, accused of breaking into …


One of the hottest new games on display at Gen Con was Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer . Gary Games, the publisher, had sold at least 450 copies when I spoke to them on Sunday morning. Ascension falls in that very popular category these days of deck-building games. It has two unique features, though. First, there are no play or buy limits on a turn…

Pressure Matrix

Despite passing on the Dust games , AEG continues to publish others. At Gen Con, the company launched Pressure Matrix , in which players act out a futuristic game show. Each player controls a runner, who moves around the board collecting money while trying to avoid being blocked in. AEG was also showing a Legend of the Five Rings 15 Years of Art book.

Peter’s Twisted Black Humor Games

Peter Stenberg at Peter’s Comics makes a series of black humor games of questionable taste – the kind I am repelled by, but some of our twisted readers will get a kick out of them. The games include memory games (such as Dictators, as well as a competitor to Busen Memo), and a war game about nuking Norway called Nuke Norway Now .

Imagination Sells Two Games to Spin Master for 24M AUD

Australian board and DVD game company Imagination Game s has sold two of its games – Fact Or Crap and Battle of the Sexes – to burgeoning game and toy company Spin Master for $24 million Australian dollars (around $21.7 million USD). The reason for the sale, if it wasn’t already obvious, is to deal with some bank problems. ( source )

Gelatinous Cube Soap

Another amazing soap idea from the folks at Geeky Clean . The Gelatinous Cube , safe for you, though it’s already devoured a miniature victim.

Purple Parlay—Polls in Parlay?

Wow! Is it Parlay time already? Yes! Yes it is. I’m going to be moving Parlay to Tuesdays to get a bit more visibility. Not only that, but I’m thinking of having a weekly poll to go along with the Parlay. Take a look at the sidebar. See the poll? GOOD! So this week’s parlay is all about whether or not you’d…

Star Challengers

In 1986, the families of the astronauts killed aboard the Challenger Space Shuttle founded the Challenger Center for Space Science Education . As part of its mission to engage students in science and math education, the Challenger Center is partnering with Catalyst Game Labs to publish a series of young adult science fiction novels, as well as a cooperative card game. The first book in the Star Challengers series…

Logos in Second Life

A fully fleshed out, strategic, CCG in Second Life? Yeah, that’s Logos . Apparently the games has player rankings, animated battles, and all sorts of other goodies. The community seems to be really active also. I haven’t been in Second Life in over 3 years. My last foray was in an educational setting. I may just have  to reinstall and see what all this Logos stuff is about. ( source…

What’s Next for BoardGames.com?

$450,000 For boardgames.com; What Now? In May, boardgames.com was sold to an undisclosed purchaser for $450,000. It was not the most ever paid for a board or card related website: poker.org sold for $1 million earlier this year. Casino.com sold for $5.5 million, gambling.com for $19.8 million, and poker.com is rumored to have sold for between $23 and $27 million. Boardgames.com…