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WebUrbanist Does It Again 0

With another great collection of architecture. This time it’s home-brewed castles!

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Movies I Would Play 0

There are plenty of connections between movies and RPGs. They’re both concerned with character and story, and both are forms of entertainment, albeit one is active, one is passive. I happen to watch a lot of movies, mostly because I have given up on cable/broadcast TV as a form of entertainment. Between Netflix and services like Hulu I can satisfy my passive entertainment itch pretty well, especially now that…

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Amazing Buildings 0

I’ve recently accumulated a number of links to some really odd buildings and structures. I thought I’d share them as a source of inspiration. For more of this sort of thing, I recommend Village of Joy and Web Urbanist . Occasionally Oddee will feature similar stuff, but they also post a lot of borderline grotesque / sensationalist material as well. The Stone …

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Random Starting Equipment 0

I hear a lot of people say that they do not like the way D&D handles starting equipment. For my part, I really think that the whole process lacks variability in the initial options it presents to the player. Some characters might be wealthy and…

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