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Realms of Cthulhu, Savage Lovecraft 0

Published in October 2009, it has clearly taken me far too long to get a copy and start playing this product.  As a game master relatively new to Savage Worlds by Pinnacle Entertainment , but utterly infatuated, as well as one prone to fits of madness and visions of eldritch aberrations, Realms of Cthulhu is right up my alley.  For those woefully unfamiliar with H.P…

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Cthulhu has claimed another victim! Er… we have a winner! 0

Congratulations are in order, as Neil Knauth has won a signed copy of Realms of Cthulhu from Reality Blurs !  Thanks to the awesome folks at Reality Blurs for providing a signed copy of their book as a prize.  Also a big thanks to all of our readers who participated in this contest!  Stay tuned because this will not be our last contest…

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Today is the last day to enter the signed Realms of Cthulhu book give away! 0

Look, as far as the real world goes, we’re not big on promoting ancient evil, vicious cults and things that make you go insane. Put us in the realm of gaming though and we’re behind Realms of Cthulhu 100%! Our editor Tracy covered this game at Origins 2010 and fell madly, insanely in love with it. We think you will too…

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