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Stick figure superheroes!

I am, I’ll admit, a sucker for new figures and characters for DAZ Studio. When I saw Blank Boi – had to have it! It is exactly what it claims; basically a blank canvas, nothing more than a 3D version of a stick figure where everything is left to your ability to pose and position the figure. Except unlike a regular pencil stick figure, it’s …

The doctor will see you now

DAZ Studio, no postwork Like Unlike

The Happy Birthday America Lazy Sunday Render Dump

Happy Birthday, you young whippersnapper :) This is the quite brilliant free Dynamic American Flag from those nice patriotic people at DAZ3D. Talking of free, here’s Max Overkill! Maximum Overkill is DAZ3D’s freebie of the week . It’s a set of stupidly oversized weapons – what’s not to love? Max Overkill is also my new …

Beren and LĂșthien

DAZ Studio, postwork in Photoshop. Click to enlarge. Like Unlike

Well hello Stephanie 4

The good people at DAZ3d released a new figure yesterday. Let’s all say hi and give a round of applause for Stephanie 4 Elite ! Stephanie 4, default settings. Bodysuit + 3Dream Boy Hair Steph (she hates being called that but I’m going to do it anyway) is a whole new version of the previous Stephanie 3 figure. I guess …

The Revenge of the Lazy Sunday Render Dump

All by yours truly, rendered in DAZ Studio with some, lots or no postwork. Click to enlarge, as ever. Phew! There you have it. Muscles, girls, blood and goblins, all in one slice of rendery goodness. Not a bad renderweek, all told. Not too shabby at all. Till next time! Like Unlike

And she walks the wearied halls

Lazy Sunday Render Dump, Superhero Edition

In keeping with the Superheroes theme that’s crept up on this blog, here’s a grab-bag of renders from yours truly with just that theme. All rendered in DAZ Studio with some, lots or no postwork. As ever, click to embiggenify. Hope y’all enjoying your Super Sunday!

The town watch