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Retrospect nominated for a Golden Geek Award 0

Much to my surprise, my winning entry to RPG Geek’s 24-hour RPG contest was nominated for a Golden Geek Award in the Best Free RPG category. That’s really cool, especially considering I didn’t submit the nomination. ;o)  Now, looking at the list it’s clear that Lady Blackbird should win the category in my opinion but I can’t help but…

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Retrospect wins RPG Geek’s 24-hour RPG Contest 0

…and in case you didn’t know, I wrote it. ;op  The complete list of winners can be found here .   You can download the free, 24-hr version here . Once I have complete feedback and some playtesting data I will publish a revised version which will be available for free.

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Get your free copy of Retrospect RPG 0

My entry for RPG Geek’s 24-Hour RPG contest is now available for free download . In case you’re not familiar with the idea, the contest required participants to write a complete RPG from concept to final product in 24 hours or less. I spent about 18 hours on Retrospect , including several hours taking public domain photographs and turning them in to art for the final PDF.

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The cover to my 24-hour RPG contest submission 0

Here’s the cover to the game I completed (design, writing, editing, layout, and art) in 22 hours for RPG Geek’s 24-hour RPG contest. RPG

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