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Treasure Detail Generator & Dice Giveaway 0

Win these dice! You can win a set of the dice that appear in this blog post. Details at the end. Thanks for Q-Workshop for supplying dice to give away! A gamer recently mentioned a disappointing lack of detail when his GM handed out a “pouch of gems.” The player wanted more flavour. It is difficult detailing every little…

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6 Ways to Enhance Magic Items 0

1. Give them personal names A simple but effective method. Even minor items get a personality boost when named. Tip: A name could imply special powers if you are not in the habit of naming most magic items, so you might need to explain the first time that Felix the Cape is what the previous owner called it, and it truly is just a +1 Cloak …

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Ask The GMs: Rubbing Two Dry Words Together 0

Why have different languages in an RPG? How can they be used to enhance a story? And what’s wrong with Universal Translators, anyway? I have a question about using languages in fantasy RPGs. There are numerous articles and advice out there on how to create fictitious languages and make them sound realistic or add verisimilitude to the campaign setting, but that’s not my question. My question is…

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Eureka! – Some inspiring notions 0

There is a cooking show in Australia (it actually started in the UK, and a US version was recently announced) called Masterchef Australia. The goal of the series is to identify and winnow through the best amatuer cooks in the country until they are left with the one best cook of the bunch, who gets $100,000 and a book deal. Along the way, they are expected …

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Bikes and Broomsticks: Character Creation 1 0

Download the full PDF! Chapter One:Getting Started Intro • How to Play Bikes and Broomsticks is a “Role Playing Game” but since you picked it up, I bet that you knew that already. More than most role playing games though, Bikes and Broomsticks is…

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Book of Dead Characters to Celebrate Your Gaming 0

My Book of Dead Characters from 1985 A friend I once gamed with was awesome at celebrating gaming. He made sessions into special events. He had props. He talked about games in a special way, like a sports fan does about when their team won the championship that year. He celebrated the details and told stories about special session moments. It was infectious and …

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