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The problem with Risus 0

There are in this world Good Problems, and Bad Problems. Having too much cake, for example, is a Good Problem whereas having no cake at all is a very Bad Problem indeed. Just like the proverbial cake, the problem with Risus falls squarely into the Good Problem side of things. It is such a conceptually simple and elegant system that it’s all too easy to end up using…

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Free Stuff Friday: Risus 0

It’s Friday and it’s time to give you some more free stuff! This weeks Free Stuff is : Risus Looking for a quick and easy rules light RPG to play? Look no further than Risus. On the Risus Website they wrote this stuff up : Risus is a complete Role Playing Game (RPG) designed to provide an “RPG Lite” for those nights when the brain is too tired for…

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Combining Risus and ICONS: I got your awesome mixed in my awesome 0

Risus is great. ICONS is great. So what happens if we combine the two? The usual rule is that Cool Isn’t Additive – you can’t make something already cool even cooler by adding extra coolness to it – but like any good rules, there are times when it’s right and proper to throw away the rulebook. Or, in this case, two of…

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