GenCon 2010 – Day 3 Ennies and Such

GenCon 2010 – Day 2 (What everyone else is calling Day 1)

We have our winners! The International Pathfinder Contest!

GenCon 2010 – Day 1

Quick Review: In One’s Blood – new bloodlines and spells for Pathfinder Sorcerers

Cool things afoot for Aruneus. Maps, a layout artist and more! Real zombies in your high fantasy

Prepping for a Convention Game, Pt 2

Prepping a Convention Game, Pt 1

Quick Review: Making Craft Work – a workable system for crafting items in Pathfinder

Please post your questions for Reality Blurs President, Sean Preston!

GenCon 2010 – The pre-convention post

The status of the Aruneus Project – making a 100 page zombie apocalypse source book for the Pathfinder RPG system

A new creature for Pathfinder/d20 – The Coilicoot

Gary Gygax was born today in 1938 – let’s give him an honor roll!

A Terrible Idea for RPGs, which is actually a Great Idea – free to use character portraits

Quick Review: The Secrets of Martial Mastery – an expansion for Pathfinder RPG

Realms of Cthulhu, Savage Lovecraft

Help the Hobby! Read an RPG Book in Public!

Quick Review: The Genius Guide to the Time Thief, a new character class for Pathfinder

Quick Review: Swallowfeld – a Pathfinder adventure setting for a low level party