Review : Lets see D&D Heroes of the Feywild in detail !

Deathwatch – First Founding was released by FFG !

The Genius Guide to the Godling Ascendant released

Legend Core Rulebook has been released by Mongoose Publishing !

Sundown – a free Call of Cthulhu adventure of the Old West !

A completely free Sci-Fi RPG : Cascade Failure RPG (d20/OGL)

Dungeons & Dragons – Heroes of the Feywild releases today !

#30 Fleshgrafts – a dark Pathfinder supplement

Assassin’s Amulet – a supplement for d20/OGL and Pathfinder

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay – Lure of Power released !

Robotech New Generation Sourcebook, close to release !

Darwin’s Catalogue: Beastmen of Britain released !

New Traveller sourcebook – Flynn’s Guide to Azri Drakara: A Primer

Divergent Paths : Hastings (d20 OGL)

Resource Chest : Gnolls, elves and maps !

Triune Corebook (Gamemaster’s Edition) Review

Review: Ultimate Magic for Pathfinder

Review: Dragon Age RPG Set 2 (pdf)

Cultist Hunting – Winds of Change Session 8

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