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Some minor changes to the blog. 0

In short: the campaign logs will continue in another blog titled Noppakoura, which is a blog about roleplaying games in Finnish. The reason why I’m doing this is because I want to serve such content that the majority of my readers want to read. In this blog, the majority of readers enjoy all sorts of

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Parahuman: Zaibatsu Corporation Bio-Organic Technology 0

Zaibatsu Corporation Bio-Organic Technology Bio-organic technology was pioneered by Zaibatsu Corporation and has become all the rage in Japan.  These devices are made of specialized symbiotic cells, vat grown and manipulated to for the devices below.   There are two grades of bio-organic technology.  Common bio-organic technology can be purchased on the open market, though it’s not cheap, and is considered …

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Interview with Savage Worlds Core Rules Brand Manager, Clint Black 0

In just the way we knew it would, Savage Worlds has commanded the interest of the readers to make an undeniably successful list of interview questions.  After serving up an appetizer of a dish with my Intro to Savage Worlds last week, I’d like to now present you with the main course, an interview with Clint Black, the Savage…

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Character Journals 0

I know I’m not the first/only DM/player to like/use these (I’ll stop with the / now, promise), but I’ve suddenly felt the urge to write about them. When I was running one of my very first ever D&D campaigns I had set up a small, free forum which I used with my players to schedule games, post game recounts, link pictures, tell jokes, …

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