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Robotech New Generation Sourcebook, close to release !

At the end of this November, Palladium Book releases it’s new Robotech New Generation Sourcebook, written by Irvin Jackson. This book opens up a great deal of possibilities for any gaming group, hand has the most extensive setting in Robotech’s history. The Release day is November 28 ! It’s definitely good news for Robotech players around the world,… Read More »

Darwin’s Catalogue: Beastmen of Britain released !

Do you ever felt, that the rules for beastmen in the Victoriana Core Rulebook are too limiting for your taste ? Maybe it’s the first installment of the Darwin’s Catalogue series what you need.  Written by Walter Ciechanowski and Andrew Peregrine, the Darwin’s Catalogue: Beastmen of Britain is a new supplement from Cubicle 7 Entertainment. The beastment are… Read More »

Pathfinder Beginner Box Heroes released !

WizKids released the Pathfinder Beginner Box Heroes product yesterday, launching the new Pathfinder Battles product line, announced earlier this year.This is a great addition to Paizo’s Pathfinder Beginner Box, providing players with four plastic figures about the pre-generated characters in that product. The Pathfinder Beginner Box Heroes includes four  prepainted plastic miniatures for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying… Read More »

Free Dragon Age RPG DLC – Faces of Thedas : Tallis

Dragon Age developer, Will Hindmarch has announced on the Green Ronin site a new DLC for their successful Dragon Age RPG, featuring the sexy elf assassin, Tallis “Before them I was a nothing. I was a slave. My parents sold me into it. The Qunari gave me refuge, a purpose, and a name: Tallis” – Tallis, Dragon Age:… Read More »

New Traveller sourcebook – Flynn’s Guide to Azri Drakara: A Primer

Do you need a new complete game setting for your Traveller campaign ? Maybe it’s Flynn’s Guide to Azri Drakara: A Primer what you are waiting for. Or you may use this for another sci-fi setting as well as it is filled with much needed background informations from interstellar governments in the sector to the alien races present.… Read More »

A new Airship Pirates adventure – Ruined Empires

Ruined Empires, published by Cubicle 7 Entertainment and written by Peter Cakebread and Ken Walton is the first addition to the RPG called Airship Pirates. Lets see, what we know about this new product, which is hopefully improves any campaign in this setting of steampunk-piracy. Airship Pirates is a steampunk setting in an the future of an alternate… Read More »

Vampire: The Masquerade – 20th Anniversary Edition

After twenty years from the first Vampire rulebook, White Wolf surprised us with Vampire: The Masquerade – 20th Anniversary Edition. I’m quite sure, that it will please old fans, as any “new blood” looking for a complete and excellent rulebook to play vampires in the popular World of Darkness setting. Exploding into hobby games in 1991, it evoked and… Read More »

DriveThruRPG’s GM’s Day sale! All TC products 25% off until March 7th!

DriveThruRPG is having their annual GM’s Day sale !  You can get a ton of stuff for 25% off, including Troll in the Corner products ! You’ve got 7 days to get your stuff. Technorati Tags: rpg , role playing games , drivethrurpg , pdf , sale , deal Troll in the Corner . . Related posts: DriveThruRPG enters the Print on Demand market, and I got to beta…

Bi-annual Podcast Round-up: Fall 2010

It’s time to go through my podcast feeds and decide what will go and what will stay.  Here are my mini-reviews of the RPG podcasts I’m currently subscribed to and whether they will stay as part of my regular feed. I always give new shows at least 3-4 episodes before I kick them out of the queue. New since last time 4 Geeks, 4E &#…

It’s Tracy’s birthday today! Instead of cake, have some free zombies for your Pathfinder game!

Hey!  It’s Tracy’s birthday!  Tracy has been serving as an Editor here on TC for a bit now, and I think he deserves a happy birthday! I’d like to send him to a few conventions to celebrate, but he seems to have attended them all.  So, to celebrate, the World of Aruneus – Contagion Infected Zombies is free!  That’s right, this bad boy won’…

Like Zombies? Heard about Aruneus? The official Aruneus shop is open with T-shirts and a $5 off coupon

Zombies rise. Heroes die. You are what remains. The world was a large place. The four races, Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs coexisted with an uneasy peace, but at the least, they were able to share the land and survive. Empires were formed, lives created and destroyed, magic flourished and for a brief time, Humanity strove to master the globe. Then the undead scourge broke the world…

Chaosium PDFs

In other older RPG news, Chaosium has recently added quite a number of previously released game books to the DriveThruRPG PDF marketplace, particularly Basic Roleplaying and Miskatonic University Library Association Monographs . And in an interesting turn of events (where usually every other company is licensing Call of Cthulhu for Lovecraft inspired games), Chaosium has made arrangements with Mongoose Publishing for …