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DriveThruRPG enters the Print on Demand market, and I got to beta test and review it 0

[Full Disclosure: Not only am I a featured reviewer for DriveThruRPG but they also carry my products.] DriveThruRPG , has recently entered the print on demand market, offering a small but rapidly growing number of PDFs as actual, honest to goodness physical books. I was recently asked to participate in a beta test with this new offering, following the print on demand process from ordering right through …

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Old School Actual Play Mini-cast #1 – 22 Minutes of RPG Goodness 0

We’re back!  Welcome to our Old School, Actual Play Mini-cast!  This is a 22:25 mini-cast, in which Scott and I get together to chat about old school RPGs vs newer systems. What’s good about Palladium FRPG 1st edition?  What about D&D 4.0, or 3.5?  Pathfinder? And just why does Savage Worlds rub Scott the wrong way?  Find out the answers to these burning questions and a bunch more…

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