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Arcane Secrets, for Arcane Heroes 0

Tweet I am continually in awe of Michael Wolf’s genius. I also find myself inspired by his works. After reading over Michael’s little gem titled Arcane Heroes , I got to thinking about some expansions of the spell list. The result is Arcane Secrets , a 2-page PDF that contains new spells, more-powerful enhanced versions of spells, and mighty combination …

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D&D Basic Set part 8 0

CLERICAL SPELLS: The brief run-down of how clerical magic works goes through the basics, such as the fact that OD&D clerics don’t cast spells at first level. It is said that they don’t have to study spells to master them, which just means that they don’t use the Chance to Know Spell table that magic-users do. No, clerics are lucky sods …

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D&D Basic Set part 7 0

2nd LEVEL MAGIC-USER SPELLS The spell list given here is the same as from Supplement I, with two new spells added: Audible Glamer and Ray of Enfeeblement . Audible Glamer: Simply put this spell allows the caster to create illusory sounds, equal to 2-8 people conversing normally. A greater volume of sound can be created by higher level casters. To be honest, I’m kind of surprised that this …

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D&D Basic Set part 6 0

Thief Saving Throws: While I was going over the saving throw rules, I missed the changes relating to the Thief class. Originally, they had the same saving throw numbers as Magic-Users, but now they save as Fighters. This isn’t a massive difference at the low levels the Holmes set operates on, but it’s still a seemingly arbitrary alteration to the rules. Perhaps Holmes wanted to equate the two …

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