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Running Star Trek using 4e D&D 0

I mean, how hard can it be? That was my off the cuff idea I threw into the twitterverse, and the more I thought about it, and others jumped onto me asking the difficult questions, the less is seemed like a stupid idea, and the more it became a darned good one. Which probably says a lot about the people I hang around with on …

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Entering warpspeed and single power superheroes 0

Wil Wheaton as commander of a Federation starship? I’m in. I’m quite enjoying not blogging so this is me, not blogging , right now. This is not a blogpost. It’s just random words on a page. Not a blogpost at all. Nope. What I have been doing is thinking about superheroes with just one superpower. There are entire superhero teams where the majority…

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