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Project: Future Perfect (Press Release) 0

­ On Monday, February 6th, will launch it’s site. BareHanded­ will also be debuting the nearly full range of Digital Sculpts for the Global Police Force (GPF) Faction. This

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Mage Knight Boardgame released ! 0

WizKids yesterday released the new Mage Knight Boardgame, a strategy-game about conquest, fame and magic. As  Mage Knights, the players marching toward the capital of Atlantasia figthing enemies and each

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Lord of the Rings HeroClix is delayed ! 0

While we didn’t see any official announcement about it on WizKids or, it seems that the awaited The Lord of the Rings HeroClix will be available at the beginning

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GenCon 2010 – Day 2 (What everyone else is calling Day 1) 0

Yeah,, I guess I started my day count a little early since  technically the convention didn’t start until yesterday. So, if you’re trying to keep score at home, yesterday was the official first day of the convention, but since it was my second day onsite, I’m going to stick with the date that brought me to the dance. So yesterday was my Day 2, and…

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