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Total CONfusion XXV – It’s official, I’ll be a guest! Anyone else planning on going? 0

I guess this is official now, as my ugly mug is up on their industry guest page. I’ll be an industry guest (and attendee, and rabid fan, and over-caffeinated player) at Total Confusion XXV! What is Total Confusion? Let me give you a brief history. Total Confusion has over twenty years of experience bringing great gaming moments to…

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Fantasy Flight’s Talisman 4th Edition Massive Review – Base Game, Reaper, Frostmarch, Dungeon, and the Highland 0

What started in 1983 as an interesting idea in board games has become one of my all time favorite games to play in that or this century.  I love Talisman (well, all but the 3rd edition).   I’ve played the 1st edition once or twice, owned everything for the 2nd edition and logged hours upon hours of play, but passed on the 3rd edition to keep…

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