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You could have at least kissed my first, AT&T 0

It’s Monday and it keeps being Monday. I read this little gem over the net earlier today and I’m still a pretty pissed about it. Let’s see. Hmm. The argument boils down to this. AT&T claims that they really can’t handle the traffic of the bandwidth hogs. It’s difficult to tell since they I doubt

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My Net Neutrality Rant 0

The debate continues on the subject on Net Neutrality. In my opinion, there’s nothing to debate. It’s just a basic assurance of freedom of expression and an open and free market. But our lawmakers and sitting there with their heads up their collective asses and their ears to the big telco’s. Let’s go back in

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Social Intelligence: This is going to get ugly 0

News about a company called Social Intelligence Corp. broke last week. I thought that was a dangerous and bad idea then and now that I’ve time to calm my anger, it’s still a damned dangerous slope. On the surface, this may seem like a simple little idea. If a potential employee posts an insane manifesto

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Tech at the Game Table: My Little Wish 0

Lap tops and tech gadgets are getting more and more prevalent at the game table and there’s a bunch of virtual table tops for folks to use as means of long distance gaming or as a networked solution. Personally, I’ve gotten into the habit of using electronic character sheets and referencing PDF’s of rule books

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Bite me, Apple 0

Dear Apple, Sorry that you lost that whole DMCA thing. But get serious I don’t need an Apple Star Chamber deciding what’s OK for me to put on my phone. Yes, I know that there is malware out there. But you make my damned phone, you are not my mommy and you don’t get to

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This is a test 0

So if you’ve been paying attention the last few weeks, you may noticed that I’ve upgraded the old blog but an unintended side effect was that it screwed up my RSS feeds. Everything I was writing was going out on the RPG site. While personally I have nothing against this there were a few things

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