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The Oligarchs 0

The Oligarchs of Taern rose to power in 1370 during an incursion by the undead princes of Morgau and Doresh. They declared the city independent of both Wyte and Tele, which had fought over the territory for centuries. The Oligarchs are ruthless leaders who have brought prosperity to the region. In addition to economic advancement, the Oligarchs have also encouraged the growth of Taern’s culture and fund art and theater…

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Riots and roleplaying games 0

Photo by jerekeys Why aren’t there more riots and civil disorder in roleplaying games? Because they’re a pain in the ass to run, and no PC has ever been able to mind his own business, that’s why. Here are some ways to introduce riots and revolution to your games. Riots and mobs are massive, moving forces. Treat a riot like a large river, pushing the characters at…

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Taern 0

This is the first in what I hope will be a long series of posts detailing the world of Telmane. I am writing Telmane in a locally hosted wiki and have enough to start posting regularly. Enjoy! Taern, the City of Lights, is in the contested region between Morgau , Doresh , Wyte , and Tele . In 1370, the Oligarchs declared the city independent …

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