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Tomorrow is National Gaming Day at Your Library

Over 1,800 libraries participating. See here for details . Better go now, while libraries are still legal.

Dust Tactics

Dust Tactics, which like City of Thieves moved from AEG to FFG , is now at retailers too. Dust Tactics is set in an alternate-reality 1940s, resulting in a game combining World War II and battle-mechs. Actually less a board game than a boxed miniatures game, expect to see a series of expansions close on the heel of the

November Conventions and Happenings

A few events in November. I’d do this more often if I had a few more editors (hint, hint). Oct 31 – Nov 1 Lucca Comics and Games Lucca, Italy, 4 – 7 KC Game Fair , Kansas City, MO 4 – 7 ShaunCon , Kansas City, MO 4 – 7 NeonCon , Las Vegas, NV 4 – 7 IndieCon , Dorset, UK 5 – 7 PentaCon , Fort Wayne, IN 5 – 7 Anime Nebraska , Omaha, NE 5 – 7 Carnage , Fairlee, VT 5 – 7 Mechanicon , West…

Ex illis Emissarius

A very impressive new figure for the Ex illis online/miniature game:

Say Goodbye to Heroscape

Hasbro’ Wizards of the Coast division has pulled the plug on Heroscape . They will instead “focus our business efforts on our core brands” aka Magic and D&D. The last expansion for Heroscape, Moltenclaw’s Invasion , is scheduled for release later this month. ( source , via )

WizKids Relaunches Mage Knights

The Mage Knight property, the original Clix game with pre-painted minis, is being relaunched by the new WizKids (aka NECA). First up is a planned board game, designed by Vlaada Chvátil, designer of Dungeon Lords , Through the Ages , and Galaxy Trucker . Additional items in the works are a deck-building card game and an RPG. ( source )

Playset Addict, Pretty Mini Pics

Many pretty pictures here .

Purple Parlay—Which Edition of D&D?

Dungeons and Dragons was first released in 1974. Since then we’ve seen 5 separate editions of the game. Which of those is your favorite? Personally, I started with, and still love, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition. I was really excited for 3rd Edition, but that excitement was killed after reading the core rules. I haven’t played 4th Edition yet, but it sounds like it moved farther…

Extreme Makeover: Gnome Games Edition

Gnome Games took advantage of an opportunity to take part in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (see their credits under furniture & accessories), and also got their friends at Mayfair Games, Sandstorm Games, Out of the Box Publishing, Alliance/Days of Wonder, Winning Moves Games, Fantasy Flight Games, ACD, and Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast on board. Together, they tucked 180 games…

TactDecks Goes PnP

TactDecks is a game combining the feel of a CCG with a miniatures game. Everything you need to play is in the cards. Up until now, the base set of the game was $22. Now you can print the base set of the game for free to make sure it’s your cup of tea. You can snag the PDF file off the games’ BoardGameGeek page , …

Help Playtest Blackwater Gulch

Blackwater Gulch is a miniatures ruleset currently in development by Bleeding Ear Games. Right now they’re looking for people to help playtest the rules , and smooth things out. The game is set in the Wild West of the late 1800′s. Each player has a team of 5 – 10 minis, and plays through story-driven scenarios. There’s not too much more …

WARMACHINE: “Epic Sword-Metal Ballad”

A WARMACHINE song written and performed by the Penny Arcade guys: War Machine by Penny Arcade Also available for Rock Band.

The Lexicanum

I just came across this today, and figured I’d pass it along. For those of you who are already familiar with The Lexicanum , then you’ve known about this awesome far longer than I! For those who haven’t heard of it yet, let me give you a quick rundown. The Lexicanum is a user-maintained encyclopedia of the Warhammer …

Game Projects on Kickstarter

See last episode for details and for more projects. Project Description Company $ Needed $ Pledged Days left Reign of Ardwin RPG: Reign Tabletop fantasy setting PDF Greg Stolze 2500 725 22 Destiny of the Force Virtual Set Cards for the Star Wars mini game dropped by WotC SWM Gamers 1800 1250 62 Powerchords RPG sourcebook of magic, music, and urban fantasy Silver Satyr Studio 4200 4275 22 hrs Scoops Children’s card …

Game Bandit—Giving Away Already Free Stuff Edition

Nevermet Press is giving away five copies of Open Game Table Volume 2 , the print publication of roleplaying blog articles. Enter to win at Goodreads.com . The Giant Fire Breathing Robot blog is giving away Monsterpocalypse booster packs . Comment to win. Vampire The Masquerade ebook products are on sale at DriveThruRPG for more than 50% off. Lumpley Games is lumping all their…

Cosmographer 3: Sci-fi Mapmaking Tool

ProFantasy Software’s Cosmographer add-on to Campaign Cartographer is finally out in version 3! Cosmographer 3 adds new galaxy and solar system map types, including 3-D perspective maps, and deckplan drawing features, including new bitmapped symbols and automated design functions. Cosmographer can be used for a wide range of sci-fi board game, miniature game, or RPG projects, but it has a number of features especially designed…

Mice Minis

These mice miniatures, cute: Also these: These, not so much: All new from Reaper. The first two are part of the Mousling Heroes Boxed Set . The trick-or-treating mice and zombie mice are 2010 Halloween specials available only at the Reaper Artist Con & Open House October 23-24 .

Magnetic Mounts for Planes, Starships, Etc…

A very cool idea! CorSec Engineering has released these magnetic mounts for aircraft and spaceships in miniature games. The mounts allow you to easily mount an aircraft and have it easily rotate in the directions you wish. They’re $5 for 2 mounts, and they look pretty sturdy. While they may be good for spaceships and aircraft, I can only think about how well they

Aarklash Warpack

Rackham Entertainment has announced a new, fantasy-based skirmish game called Aarklash Warpack . You don’t play with dice or rulers. All you need are the minis and cards to play. The rules are supposedly easy, and there’s very little setup to the game. Sounds like my kind of minis game! It’s always tough for me to find the time to play a full…

Warhammer Fantasy and WWII

Games Workshop has released the boxed starter set for the latest edition of the Warhammer fantasy battles game . The Island of Blood includes High Elf and Skaven armies (74 figures total), a rule book, a getting-started booklet, dice, templates, and range rulers. In other GW news, Bwana Bill over at the Tabletop Wargames Blog reports that Games Workshop is planning a Warhammer Historical …