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The Con Job – Troll in the Corner Goes to the Conventions 0

Some of us here at Troll in the Corner are going to be at a few gaming conventions in the near future.  Here’s what’s going on! First, I’ll be at Total Confusion XXV as an industry guest, GM, player and all around gawking tourist come this Friday, February 25th!  Among other things, I’ll be running two Aruneus sessions (PFRPG) and also hosting a massive Talisman…

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I’ll be covering Total Confusion XXV, and giving a bunch of stuff away too! 0

February 25th is rapidly approaching!  It’s a date I’m excited about because it will be the first day of Total Confusion (for me, TotalCon starts Thursday the 24th)!  In addition to being an industry guest for my small contribution to the roleplaying world, I’ll also be wearing my blogger hat and covering the convention here on TC. Total …

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What I’ll be doing at Total Confusion XXV – games I’m playing and running 0

I’ve just finished up my pre-registration at Total Confusion XXV – here’s my schedule for the weekend.  I’ll be running two Aruneus sessions and premiering The Haunted Mine in New England.  That’s the first World of Aruneus adventure. Friday 1pm – 5pm R050  The World of Aruneus – The Haunted Mine (Running) 7pm – 9pm Game Design 9pm – 11pm…

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Confusion Reigns! Total Confusion XXV is rapidly approaching – get registered! 0

Total Confusion XXV , New England’s largest gaming convention, will kick off on Thursday, February 24th and keep the gaming going through Sunday the 27th.  If you’re anywhere near the New England area you should stop in and check it out, even if it’s only for a day.  There are tons of events going on and pre-registration is open now! …

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Total Confusion XXV Reminder – I’d love to see you there! 0

What are you doing February 24th through the 27th?  If you’re going to be anywhere near New England, then I hope you’ll stop by Total Confusion XXV and say hello! Total Confusion is New England’s largest gaming convention.  There will be non-stop RPG stuff going on the entire time, as well as healthy amounts of other tabletop and LARP events thrown in for…

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Total CONfusion XXV – It’s official, I’ll be a guest! Anyone else planning on going? 0

I guess this is official now, as my ugly mug is up on their industry guest page. I’ll be an industry guest (and attendee, and rabid fan, and over-caffeinated player) at Total Confusion XXV! What is Total Confusion? Let me give you a brief history. Total Confusion has over twenty years of experience bringing great gaming moments to…

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