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Retrospective – A year of gaming with kids (part 3) 0

We’ve reached the third and last installment of my end-of-year review and reflection of the after-school club’s activities.  In this part I’ll talk a little about the observations I’ve made about the play of the various groups and list out the games I’m planning on introducing next year. Different games = different…

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Great service from Pelgrane Press 0

I love this kind of email: You purchased Arkham Detective Tales from Pelgrane Press Ltd. The original version included more typos than we were happy with, and did not include an adventure set in Arkham. There is an updated version available with a new adventure, The King’s Men, available for free download from your order page. Simon Rogers Pelgrane Press Ltd It’s stuff like …

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My summer reading list 0

Our summer holidays are rapidly approaching and that means a few weeks of sun, sand, and…books. I usually get through a bunch of books during my summer holiday time, including several RPGs. Here’s what is going with me this year: Fiasco – This is a Cohen Brothers inspired  ”capers gone awry” story game which I picked up in soft cover when it came out but…

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