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20:10 and 59 seconds 0

It’s almost time to say goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011 so I’ll wish you all a very Happy New Year ! See you in the future, everyone. Like Unlike

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Will you remember me when I am gone 0

I’m going to drop offline for a short while to rest, recover and generally do stuff. Not, I’ll grant you, the most Earth shattering of announcements (OMG! ZOMBIES!), but there you go. Here’s a list of what’s on the horizon during my blog-free days just so you know what to expect when greywulf::net returns. Completing Kobold Hall for Minecraft . …

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Blog down? Make a three file blog! 0

Greywulf’s Lair was down for a couple of days (boo!) but thankfully it’s back up and working again (yay!). Did I mope about, cry like a little girl and scream at the screen in frustration? No! Well ok, just a little bit. Admit it. You would too. I also used that downtime to put together a quick proof-of-concept I’ve been mulling …

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