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Building a better default light set for DAZ Studio 0

One of the (few) areas where Poser beats DAZ Studio hands down is its default light set.

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Create graphic novel style images with DAZ Studio and Fotosketcher 0

If you’re reading this blog then DAZ Studio needs no introduction (and if this is your first visit, check out my Renders category !). It is my 3D rendering app of choice and is available in both fully functional free and pay (essentially free + a shedload of plugins) form. Fotosketcher is something I’ve looked at before many moons ago and it has come…

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DAZ Studio tutorial: Using the Elite Human Surface Shader 0

One of the goals of many render junkies is to strive toward being able to create as photo-real renders as possible. Even if you’re happy working with the non-photoreal, merrily creating comic style panes or images that are clearly computer generated, it’s well worth knowing how to create something that bit more realistic should the need or desire arise. The…

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Building a render, step-by-step 0

A short while back I posted an image titled Stand Your Ground , and promised a tutorial showing how it was made. This is it. Note: This tutorial contains nudity. Underneath your clothes, so do you. Live with it, or look away now. Starting (as you do) at the end, here’s what the finished result looked like: This is made from two renders of…

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Basic Fantasy Map Tutorial 0

Every roleplayer sooner or later finds him/herself in a situation that he wants to create his own fantasy map. Some of us are talented with the pencil while others are not. Endless Bag Of Games shows you a simple way to create fantasy maps with Photoshop and brushes. This tutorial is for the ones who

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