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Torchwood: Miracle Day Teaser Trailer

OK, it’s tease than trailer but can’t wait for Torchwood to return and what Starz has done with the series.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

I love urban fantasy and this looks like it just might be a bunch of fun. And a big shout of thanks to Mike over at Wrath of Zombie who found this before I did. And yes that is Sam Huntington from SyFy’s Being Human. FYI he was in Fanboys too.

Bitten: Hot Vampire Vs Jason Mewes

Once again I stumble into one those movies that went under the radar. This time it’s Bitten. This little movies stars Jason Mewes as a down on his luck EMT working the graveyard shift. He spends his nights saving a string of overdosing junkies and pretty much has a miserable life. Then one night he

Movie Review: Lo A Story of Love and Demon Summoning

It’s been a while since I did movie review. I generally like to review movies that fall below the radar and ones that I actually liked and hence the lack of reviews over the last few months. But I just found another little gem. Lo. This is a nice independent dark comedy/horror film but personally

Lost Girl Some Thoughts

If you like urban fantasy type stuff then Lost Girl just might be up your alley. I really hesitate to call this a review. he problem is that it is well Canadian and despite being in the age of instant communications over the internet darned hard to find legally south of the border. So search

Welcome to Astropia

It’s been a while since I did a movie review and never thought that it would be a movie from Iceland but this at least deserves notice thanks to the huge amount of geekiness in the film. Astropia (aka Dorks & Damsels) has pretty simple concept for a romantic comedy/gamer movie. A hot chick has

My Girlfriend Meets Sharktopus

So according to the buzz Sharktopus pretty much owned the ratings for Saturday night cable viewing. But as I sat down to watch this little epic I was expecting some resistance. You see the girl friend ain’t a geek. She tries. And God love her, she does a good job most of the time. But

Web Clip Wednesday: Slingers

I know I usually post a humorous clip for Wednesday but not this time. While Firefly was a mish mash of SciFi and Western, Slingers is SciFi meets Oceans 11. We’re talking smoked filled casinos and ingenious heists. It sounds like a really cool idea for a series. But you know what, it might make

Hell Ride

Yep, I’m reviewing another movie from a few years back. This another in the long line of movies produced by Quentin Tarantino and it’s definitely got his fingerprints all over it. This is a good thing. Hell Ride is a story of honor, revenge, sex, violence, secrets and buried treasure all centered around two rival


Once again, I’m digging into the past to drum up movie that every geek should see sometime in their live time. This time I’m talking about Fanboys. Now, I know there some controversies around the film during its development and screenings. So I just had to see it for myself. This movie should be some

Web Clip Wed: I’ve thought about those uniforms too

Hmm. Maybe those uniforms we’re a bit distracting. But then again I ain’t complaining.

Wolfhound: Some Russian Sword & Sorcery Goodness

Recommendation: Rent it. Sorry the ending is so silly. There’s some really good movies that have come out of Russia. If haven’t see Nightwatch yet, do so now. But that’s not what this review is about. This is about Wolfhound, a fairly decent fantasy tale from the East. Yeah, I said fairly decent. The set

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

When I take the time to just chill I like to dig to the depths of my Netflix and watch those things that I thought would be interesting at the time. One of those was obviously The Haunted World of El Superbeasto. This little animated feature is based off a comic by Rob Zombie. And

Persons Unknown

I’m really trying to like this but so far it just hasn’t grabbed me. I mean the trailer is just dead creepy cool but actually watching the show is a snooze fest. Here’s the basic premise. A bunch of people get kidnapped and dropped into this mostly deserted town. They can’t get out. They don’t

Web Clip Wednesday: Battleship Yamamato Trailer

Normally, it’s something humorous on Web Clip Wednesday but this one is just too good to pass up. I have so many fond memories from childhood of my very first anime that I had seen. It was Battleship Yamamato. And now their doing a live action version. It looks good but I have no idea

Neighbors From Hell: Fail

Let’s just say this could have been better. OK, it was lame. Hey, this is two bad reviews in two weeks. So here’s the basic premise. An evil energy company (more evil than Satan himself) has super-drill that can drill all the way though the Earth. This has the powers of Hell a bit angry

A Princess of Mars

Just in case you think that the only movies I review are ones that I like here’s some notes on the Princess of Mars that SyFy threw at us last weekend. It Sucks Balls. This little waste of air time was brought to us by the same geniuses that gave us the now classic Megashark Vs

Bloody Mallory

I said things were going to be busy this week so here’s a movie review dug up from the archives. Enjoy. Don’t worry, folks. I’ll make it up to you. I love bad movies, especially ones done well. Bloody Mallory is fits that bill. It has all the nifty bits. Action, Horror, Comedy,

Bitch Slap

Yep, this week’s review is for Bitch Slap, a movie that hearkens back to the exploitation and grindhouse movies of days gone by. Let’s see this is a movie about three woman who are out to score a butt load of diamonds buried out in the desert. The movie does have on interesting bit of storytelling