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A New Blog and Classic D&D Unboxing 0

A personal friend, mentor, and gaming buddy (as well as regular commenter here on Troll ITC as The Game Hermit ) has just completed his first blog post over on his website, Unboxing the D&D Basic Set! Head over to his site and check it out by clicking HERE , it’s a great read for new gamers and grognards alike. …

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Old-School Unboxing: TSR’s Dragon Dice circa 1995 0

Not to long ago I came in to a neat find (and by ‘came in to’ I mean Chris Hopper sent ‘em to me).  Eleven still sealed boxes of TSR’s collectible dice game and answer to Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering – Dragon Dice .  These eleven boxes were still factory sealed in slightly dusty cellophane …

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Old-School Unboxing: Dark Sun 0

I’m pretty active on Twitter , and I see a lot of interesting things. Most of the people I follow write about, create, or play a lot of RPGs. One of those fine folks is the Newbie DM . This guy does a lot for the game industry through his blog and his podcast (which have been nominated for ENnies). Well, a few days…

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