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The Disgruntled Zombie – a new Pathfinder RPG Creature and a freebie! 0

To the Pathfinder (and d20/OGL) playing world, I bring you a new creature, a new type of Undead! The Disgruntled Zombie. The disgruntled zombie is a rare form of undead creature – one that has become self-aware yet is hard pressed to change their situation, due to being controlled by some necromancer or fancy wizard, or something. The bane of Masters of the Night everywhere, a …

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A massive Aruneus update – lots of new art and a layout artist joins us! 0

Here’s an update on the ongoing Aruneus Project .  The world was a large place. The Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs existed if not in peace, at least able to survive with each other. Empires were formed, lives created and destroyed, magic flourished, and for a brief time Humanity strove to master Aruneus. Then the undead scourge broke the world. First and foremost – while work…

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Cool things afoot for Aruneus. Maps, a layout artist and more! Real zombies in your high fantasy 0

Lots of cool things going on for the Aruneus Project !  I have new art, more new art, maps and a person who’s going to give the project a whole new look.  If this looks interesting, you may wish to become a backer and find yourself with lots of interesting rewards above and beyond a new Pathfinder RPG expansion.   New to Aruneus?  Take your standard…

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The other classes of undead 0

When death becomes an all-too-sudden possibility and a Wizard needs more study time, he is invariably drawn toward the path of the Lich . Through foul rites he becomes undying, able to continue his life’s work through all eternity – at least until those pesky adventurers come knocking. But what of the other classes? What undead paths are open…

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