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Gaming in the Digital Age: The D&D Virtual Tabletop Beta 0

I recently received an invite to the official Dungeons & Dragons Virtual Tabletop beta. So, what did I think about it? Quite frankly, I had given up hope that this project was ever going to see the light of day, so when it was announced that they were going ahead with it in the same week that it was announced that Duke Nukem Forever …

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Gaming in the Digital Age: iTabletop 0

I wanted to like iTabletop .  I tried to like iTabletop; it seemed to be exactly what I needed in a virtual table top.  Unfortunately, it has failed which is sad because it has a lot of potential. What is iTabletop?  It’s a virtual table top program that allows you to play RPGs online.  It has a bunch of really cool features, which I’ll…

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