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Gen Con 2010 Sets Attendance Record

In its 43rd year, Gen Con Indy had its biggest show yet with 30,046 unique attendees. The convention also featured over 8,600 game events, and was really a lot of fun.

Petroglyph Releases Heroes and Guardians of Graxia at GenCon

We’ve mentioned Heroes of Graxia and Guardians of Graxia before.  We’ve even had an interview with Mathew over at Petroglyph . Now, Petroglyph has finally released both games! You can buy them at GenCon, or on Petroglyph’s site . The games should hit store shelves soon. Heroes comes in at $34.99, and Guardians will cost $60.o0.

Con Competition

This week, two game conventions compete for your attention. Gen Con is certainly the bigger of the two, but WBC (The World Boardgaming Championships) also has quite a lot going for it. Gen Con is a major industry event with a large exhibition hall, many new games being previewed and released, organized events and open gaming, business deals in the bars and back rooms, and non-game but…

Warlord RTS Video Game

Reaper Miniatures’ Warlord game, recently upgraded to a second edition , is set to become the basis for an upcoming RTS video game. The developer, though, is a small startup that needs a little help with funding. So like many game companies these days, they’re turning to you through Kickstarter .

Play in Public

In March, we celebrated Read an RPG in Public Week to help generate positive exposure for the roleplaying hobby. And while I’m happy to see this week bring that celebration’s second incarnation of the year, another exciting effort it just launching to spread the word of board games. The Play in Public Campaign (PiP) is being organized to support and coordinate people playing games, …

Invest in Games on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a site that lets people pledge money for an investment in someone’s business. You only pay if a minimum threshold is reached. The amount of the threshold depends on how much the developers need, ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. If the amount pledged goes over the target, the extra money is used for additional design, marketing, etc. Your rewards …

Everyone Plays at the Library

Following up on his superb online course, Scott Nicholson has written a book elaborating on his advice for managing game programs in libraries. As an Associate Professor at Syracuse University, host of fun board game video reviews , and someone who’s run many such programs himself, Scott has a lot of insight to share. The book is called “ Everyone Plays at…


Glen Kehoe has just released TrenchZone , a WWI trench warfare wargame. You can order the boxed game for £29.99, or the print-and-play version for £9.99. Glen self published the title, and it looks pretty well made. Also, for every game sold, Glen will donate £2 to the Royal British Legions charity ‘The Poppy Appeal.’ The charity helps soldiers and their families.

Purple Pawn Joins the TGN Bloggers Network

Tabletop Gaming News is a fantastic site covering a large swath of the miniatures and war gaming market, and they have just launched a TGN Blog Network , with excerpts from over 41 blogs to start with. I expect that number to grow quickly. Purple Pawn’s wargames and miniatures posts feed to the TGN Blog Network. As a reminder, our RPG-related posts already feed to the RPG Bloggers

BattleTech: Terra, Misery, and Davion

Three new BattleTech supplements are available in PDF. Jihad Hot Spots: Terra for material on the war between the Word of Blake and the Inner Sphere. Historical Turning Points: Misery for information on the planet Misery and the battles that took place there between Wolf’s Dragoons and The Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery. And Experimental Technical Readout: Davion for details on the custom and prototype

Deniath, Hobby Discount Site from a Former WizKids Manager

Deniath will be a new “private-sale” website for the hobby game and comic market, selling items at “up to 70%” off for a limited time window, which makes the site sound a lot like Tanga and its ilk. Also, the site is “invitation only”, but invitations are available freely and un-exclusively. Update: Wade adds: “The Invitations are only widely available …

Battles of Westeros

Battles of Westeros from Fantasy Flight Games is now available. Labeled “A BattleLore Game,” it’s design clearly drew a lot of inspiration from Richard Borg’s Commands & Colors system. However, it seems to me that FFG has added a fair amount of what the war gamers call chrome to this one. Not that it should be a problem. The addition of Commanders and Leadership …

The 2010 Origins Awards

And the winners are: Wings of War – Best historical miniature figure or line Flames of War: North Africa – Best miniature games rules or supplement Wings of War: WW2 Deluxe – Best miniature game rules of the year Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel – Best historical board game Battletech 25 Years of Art & Fiction – Best game related book Knights of the Dinner Table …

The Summer Rush of Avalanche Press

Avalanche Press is set to begin shipping a number of new war game products, including: Battle of the Bulge —A reprint of the Panzer Grenadier boxed game. They Shall Not Pass —A Game in a Book item. And several Panzer Grenadier supplements: Polish Steel —Representing the imagined post-WWII fight of Polish exiles for the liberation of their homeland from Communist control. DAK ’44 —Counters and scenarios for…

Spearpoint 1943

Collins Epic Wargames is shipping Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 , a World War II tactical combat game that uses cards to represent infantry squads and individual tanks, artillery, and aircraft. There are rules for a Standard Game, as well as for specific Situations (i.e., scenarios).

In the Trenches: Through Mud and Blood

Jeux Grenier Games has announced that In the Trenches: Through Mud and Blood is now shipping. This is the 3rd game in the In the Trenches series covering The Great War. The game is company level, and uses a impulse based turn system. It’s a stand-alone game, and doesn’t require purchase of the other two games before it to be played. …

The Brett Meyer Dice Tube

Brett Meyer has created a spiffy looking dice “tube”, which is a dice tumbler in a clear plastic tube with mats at either end. He sells them with different types and colors of dice, and either sealed or removable ended. They’re expensive, however: $52 for the simplest sealed tube with two dice…

Fallen Kingdoms

Fallen Kingdoms is a self-published combat game about Vikings by Eric Pietrocupo. Eric helpfully lists the games that influenced his design, as well as a breakdown of many of the major mechanics in the game. He even provides a free mini scaled down version of …