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Faith of Sigmar ! A new Print on Demand supplement announced for WFRPG ! 0

Yesterday Fantasy Flight Games announced, that a new supplement is available for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay : Faith of Sigmar. This small expansion is a Print on Demand product, and it’s

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay – Lure of Power released ! 0

Do you want deeper social interactions in your Warhammer Fantasy campaign? Do you want to include detailed secret societies, retainers, and the subtle influence of Slaanesh ? Lure of Power,

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Top 5 Tabletop Strategy Games – Q1 2011 0

The chart below is, and represents the sales in Q1 2011. It reflects the top 5 Non-Collectible Miniature Lines (hobby channel). The charts are based on interviews with retailers,

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