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Review: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Player’s Guide 0

I haven’t been aware of the WHFRP Player’s Guide until I got a coupon code for a review copy in my email inbox. But I have to admit it was a pleasant surprise. Even though I changed my stance on the latest iteration of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay there where still a few things that irked me. The new Player’s Guide remedies a lot of the issues I had with …

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Improve Your Game: Character creation as a team effort 0

In some modern roleplaying games, especially games based on FATE rules, character creation is something one player can’t do on his own. In order to create your character you have to cooperate with your fellow players. The character creation method in FATE makes sure the background stories of the player characters are already intertwined in some way. The GM (and the players) will never have to face the issue of…

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WFRP Toolkit 0

On May 19th Fantasy Flight Games ’ WFRP Toolkit appeared on the iTunes AppStore . It’s a dice rolling application for the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game which uses dice pools of custom dice for task resolution checks. As you probably know I’ve finally given in some time ago and bought the latest edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, a game I have been criticizing for quite…

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