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Alatar always was a snappier dresser than Gandalf 0

What self-respecting Wizard would wear grey or white ? The Blue Wizards know where it’s at! DAZ Studio, no postwork. Like Unlike

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A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to characters 0

For longer-term campaigns, I love finding a drawing or photo for each of my characters – something to give me and the others at the table an idea of who my character is, or at least what he looks like. Thanks to Google images and Photoshop, you can do some really cool things with just a few minutes of effort. Case in…

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Quick Review: Wizard Character Folio for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. 0

Look, we all know that there are rules in life.  Rules that we have to follow.  Rules that make things easier for all of us.  The problem is, when you have a 540 page rule book, some of those rules get lost. The Wizard Character Folio helps with this – putting everything you need, from your base character sheet through all of your wizardly schools …

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The name is Elrond. James Elrond. 0

James Bond as a freakin’ elf . It had to be done. (ok, technically he’d be a Half-Elf for the Tolkien purists out there, but who’s counting?) DAZ Studio, postwork in Photoshop. Like Unlike

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The STR 18 Wizard 0

I love playing against type. For that matter, I love playing to type as well, but this isn’t a post about that. If you’re looking for a blogpost about how to optimize your INT 22 Wizard out the wazoo, I’m afraid you’re going to have to look elsewhere. No, this is all about the Other Guys. You know the ones. The characters who are anything but…

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