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Tag "world building"

RPG Blog Carnival: Death and Undeath in my games 0

I was really excited by Johnn’s post announcing the March carnival because: 1) life and death in RPGs offers a lot to play around with, and 2) his examples really sparked my imagination. To be honest, death doesn’t feature very heavily in my games. Nor does undeath, in fact. I’ve stayed away from vampires, liches, and zombies and I’ve never had a…

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I’m building a world 0

Over the next few months on this blog, I will develop parts of a world in which I hope to run some Pathfinder games in the near future. I will sketch out regions, nations, cities, factions, and denizens (sometimes literally). Things will likely be fluid as I change my mind, so I may add a wiki to keep track of…

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The Rule of Three 0

Making an interesting, evocative  scene that invokes the senses of your players is the holy grail of GMing, and it can be made a bit more achievable by following what I call the “Rule of Three.” Simply put, the Rule of Three involves picking at least three things to describe to give a bit more realism to a…

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Dark Sun Campaign Prep – The Introduction 0

You awaken to the sound of trumpets nearby, and find it blends rather un-harmoniously with the ringing in your ears. Unfocused vision meets and even more unfocused mind as you begin to remember who you are. As your eyes clear, you notice the others around you. You begin shaking each other awake, and you find you have more questions than answers. Looking …

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Dark Sun Campaign Prep – the Challenges of Starting a New Game 0

The opportunity to start a new campaign is usually both a challenge and joy for most GMs. In the planning of my new Dark Sun campaign, the challenges appeared first. I had been wanting to start a new game for quite some time, and I had intended to run Star Wars Saga Edition. To that end, I purchased nearly the entire set of …

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