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Florida is full of cons

Wow, I can not keep up there are gaming conventions this month in Tampa, FL and next month in Jacksonville, FL. What I know so far is that it is too late to pre-register for the con in Tampa called Metrocon 2011 for June 17-19 at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, FL. they plan to

Another slow day in Alidor

Just another slow day here in Alidor. I have not added much to the website for a while, but today the wife gave the nod for me to get the new Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2. I have been wanting the book since I heard it was coming out. I was going to buy it at

Word of the Week: COMPURGATION

Compurgation is a trial method in which the defendant may be acquitted on the sworn endorsement of friends or neighbors. It is good to be nice to people, be cause you never know when you may need help. In a game, our party had been asked to recover objects that may be in warehouse. We

Worst part of moving is

Almost done with our move to our new home. I found the box with my model tortoise cities, unfortunately they did not move well. Now I have to build them up again with clay, except I gave my clay to my son to keep him busy while moving, and now I have no colored stock,

Word of the Week: NOMAD

Nomads are people who move from one place to another. There are traditionally 3 types of nomads. The oldest method, hunters and gatherers, move with the seasons to areas where plants and animals are available for them to live from. Pastoral Nomads raise herds and move them in patterns not to deplete the grasslands. Peripatetic

Word of the Week: ABODE

Abode is a building or place where one lives. This word was chosen this week since we just moved in to our new abode, house, crib or whatever you want to call it. I like to call it HOME!! In game travels we have come across many types of homes from mud huts, and sewers

We finally have a good home for gaming!

Been extremely busy around here, hopefully all the chaos is over. After nine months of searching, three short sale attempts, firing four realtors, we can finally say we have a house worthy enough to game in. What do I mean by worthy enough to game in? While we were house hunting here in Orlando, Florida,

Word of the Week: DRAGOMAN

When looking at this word, I thought “Dragoman” would be a chimeric creature that is part dragon and part man. But Dragoman is actually the title of an interpretor, specifically someone who helps relations between Arabic, Persian and Turkish speaking countries and European countries, like during the Ottoman Empire. In our games we frequently run

OASIS 24 Downtown Orlando

Hey another con in Orlando, Called OASIS. Blackmoor, Living Greyhawk, Legends of the Shining Jewel, and much, much more. May 27, 2011 through Sunday, May 29, 2011 (Memorial Day Weekend). Gaming starts at 9am Friday, and runs through 6pm Sunday, I am hoping for some Pathfinder Society games… AND… Here is what they are offering…(organized

Ruins in the Woods

I am getting another dungeon ready. This one is further south in the land of Jelling, in the Galleywein Forest, where elves are cursed ad half-elves fare no better. I haven’t decided what to put in that old hut but it will be challenging enough for my 4 level group of Pathfinders… For now, I

Word of the Week: MENDICANT

Mendicant can be an adjective to describe the act of begging or a noun than means… you guessed it, “a beggar”. It can describe religious followers who rely on charitable donations for survival. This word definetely reminds me of the Monty Python skit in which an ex-leper is trying to beg for money, and having

Word of the Week: ROOKERY

Rookery is defined as 1) a breeding place of gregarious birds or animals, such as penguins or seals, 2) a colony of rooks, aka crows, or 3) a crowded tenement house. In most games I play this word would describe our hotel/motel room. When we stay in town we are usually to cheap to pay

I Hate Swarms

Seriously, am I the only one? Swarms suck in 4e, and 3e, and Pathfinder. I remember my first try with a swarm in 3e, I was the one that summoned it, then I got knocked out, and the swarm proceded to kill me and two other members of the party. Yeah, I am not as

Made a Graphic for Word of the Week

Just made a quick graphic inspired by the movie Sucker Punch. It’s for my wife so she can write her words and get ‘em done without messing around for a graphic. I am going to try to do more original graphics instead of relying on Google searches for images. Here is the big image And

Word of the Week: FRIPPERY

Frippery is defined as finery in dress, especially when showy or gawdy. I can not help but think of the movie “I’m gonna get you Sucka!”. This also reminds me of an adventure our party went on and we were invited to a ball and would be dressed by our host in the “finest” garments.

Word of the Week: BASHI-BAZOUK

Bashi-bazouk makes me think of what a raging barbarian might say in battle. “Let’s go bash in some heads and go biserk. Bashi-Bazouk!!” Bashi-bazouk literally means “Damaged head” ; or leaderless, and refered to a mercenaries of the Ottoman army. The Bashi-Bazouk were part of the army but were not paid by the government and

Word of the Week:BANTAM

Bantam is defined as 1) a small breed of chickens, and also as 2) a small quarrelsome person. This immediately brings to mind a PC who was a chaotic neutral halfling thief. He was on the borderline of evil and never wanted to do what the party wanted to do. So, after some not so

Death in a Dungeon, Keeping the Dead Quiet

I just read over at Campaign Mastery about death in RPGs, they brought up a cool idea for a game hook where monks are gathering the dead in town, paying for the bodies, and then screening which ones may have interesting stories, and then casting speak with dead on them. If the body had a

Inner Sea World Guide for Pathfinder RPG

The Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea World Guide will be coming out soon according to an email from Paizo. I going to add it to my wish list since I have played a few Pathfinder Campaign Society games and The Council of Thieves Adventure path (most of it) and I keep hearing folks “in the

Word of the Week: HIRSUTE

Hirsute means covered in hair. Hirsutism is excessive hairyness on humans. Since I am a scientist, I also have to mention that indumentum is a form of hirsutism in plants; little hairlike projections covering plants. My favorite character race to play recently is the dwarf. Being female in the real world, my character was by