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Words of the Week: FLOTSAM & UGLY

Bonus: Two words this week! I was looking through my list of words and let out a laugh. My husband asked “What?”. I told him I came accross the word “ugly”. He said “Really?”. I said “yes”. Being the helpful soul he is, he mentioned he came across a word that I could use this

Hero Lab Updated Cthulhu now activated

The wife let me get Call of Cthulhu for Hero Lab yesterday. Now I have a character ready to fall to the Big C, or at least go insane at my next convention, which on my calendar is on December 31st here in Orlando. I also updated my Pathfinder Database which was kinda a bummer,

Word of the Week: SWAMP

Most of my words are from a list. I saw this word and thought “what good DM, or for that matter, conscious person doesn’t know what swamp means?”. Well, I looked up the meaning just to make sure it meant what I knew it to know. Well, the reason it made it to the word

Cave Bandits a level 1 dungeon

This is a quick dungeon I jotted together tonight. It revolves around to sets of monsters, kobolds and goblins, who found a cool hideout up in the hills near a remote settlement. It is a three room intro game to get people interested in my home game. I like to have a dynamic game and

Hanging out by the tomb tree can be dangerous

Tomb trees in Alidor are usually innocuous things usually found in graveyards and sacred places keeping the dead in their place, an important duty in Jelling where the dead don’t stay still for long. Yup you heard right dying in Jelling can be traumatic for those kin close to the diseased, especially among the poor

Updated another town in Jelling

Slowly, I update Alidor to fit better with the Pathfinder RPG game. Here is Brendon Mill a village in Jelling that has been the starting point for a couple home brew adventures. Now it is just a little more detailed and better set to accept adventures in the future. A city in the Nation of Jelling

Word of the Week: ANODYNE

Anodyne is a medicine that relieves pain or anything that relieves pain or distress. In most games this would refer to a healing potion. I choose this word because I have had a cold/ sinus infection for the past week. I use Advil Cold & Sinus with pseudophedrine (my healing potion). My main question is

Going to my first New Years Con

Just signed up to attend New Year’s Con 2011, the con will be a weekend of gaming over New Years here in Orlando, FL. I have seen notices for this con over the years but could never attend. I hope to try out Pathfinder Society play this time and potentially run some PFS game for

Word of the Week: GRALLOCH

I just saw this word on the list and said to my self “self, what do you think gralloch means?” I said back “Probably a little lake.” No, it is a little more shocking than that. A Gralloch in the entrails of a deer (noun), or the act of disembowing a deer killed in a

A Riddle for those seeking Pagdush Firethrower

I am so simple, That I can only point Yet I guide men All over the world What am I? In Alidor magical maps exist that adventurers can use to find places in the world like ancient ruins and dragon lairs. Areas are found through rituals and by celestial events like when all the moons

Word of the Week: BALDERDASH

Balderdash originally, back in the 1590′s, described a jumbled mix of liquors like milk and beer, beer and wine, etc. Later in the 1670′s it described a senseless jumble of words. In games you always have one guy at the table, sometimes the actual player, but in most cases, it was the PC that had

Retouched an Old Tortoise City Image

I really have to complete my tortoise city sketches and town maps and get them Pathfinder ready. My website used to be 3e and 3.5e ready, but then 4e came out and I jumped on board a quick re-edited all my old stuff to be 4e compliant. After that big change I sat down and

Word of the Week: CREPUSCULAR

Crepuscular is used to describe animals that are active at twilight. No I am not talking about Edward or Jacob! Twilight is defined as dawn or dusk. For a bit of a science lesson; being crepuscular gives the animal an antipredator adaptation since many predators hunt at night and others are active at mid day.

Northpoint Map nearly done

Yup I am nearly done with my Northpoint map. I put in a couple buildings and the King’s keep in. I made an overlay which interestingly has caves under the cities arena. I honestly didn’t plan that, but it adds some game flavor I think. If my players put two and two together, they’ll find

Word of the “Weak”: EXSANGUINATE

Keeping with the Halloween theme we will have a word of the “weak”; exsanguination. Exsanguination is to drain of blood, or to bleed to death (internal or external). It always reminds me of vampires! My Father actually helped me choose this word. He was reading a book and looks up and says to me “a

Sunday’s Riddle

I cut through evil like a double edged sword, And Chaos flees at my approach. Balance I single-handedly upraise, Through battles fought with heart and mind, Instead of with my gaze. What am I? Answer: Justice I am adding riddles to my website so I can track them when I need them in my home

An Inspiring Image for Dwarven Warships

I am still working on my Northpoint map and on the town’s history in preparation for play. I mentioned that the Black Diamond dwarves rent dock space in Northpoint’s sea cave for three iron clad warships, The Emerald Goddess, the Prince Calding and the Brazen Wolf. I had a couple players ask about the ships

Word of the Week: NECROPOLIS

Word of the week is Necropolis. Since it is October I wanted to keep with a Halloween theme. As you can imagine there are plenty of words that would give a shiver down your spine. I chose necropolis because it sounds like “metropolis” (a big city) and it is in fact a “big city of

Word of the Week: Desiccate

The word of the week is DESICCATE. Desiccate is remove moisture and dry something out. You can desiccate meats (beef jerky), fruit and other foods to preserve them. In the Dungeon you may encounter a desiccated body; a mummy. If you search the web for mummies you will find there is much more to mummies

Another Riddle

In the day or in the night all people have seen this sight, On the ocean or on the plain most people have seen the same, On this world and on no other has been shown to me by my brother, Some leader once generalized it but many things have been called it. What am